A Detailed Guide on How to Hire Angular Developers

How to Hire Angular Developers

A couple of years before its initial release, a Google employee named Misko Hevery created a now-famous web framework called AngularJS, a Javascript type used solely for internal purposes. Then came Angular a much more advanced framework as compared to AngularJS. The primary purpose of hiring Angular developers was to build appealing web applications.

Angular was builtto overcome the deficiencies of AngularJS. The core team of Google decided to move from the model view controller(MVC) architecture used in AngularJS to an architecture that comprises of components and directives. A component is basically a derivative with a template comprising the template file(HTML), style file(CSS) and a typescript file.

Angular is in the list of top three choices among professional programmers for hire when focusing exclusively on web frameworks.

Web app development using AngularJS is becoming increasingly popular, as evidenced by the rapid growth in the number of websites using this robust framework.

The list of firms using AngularJS is updated every day. The recent statistics depict data on more than 75,000 companies using AngularJS in the US alone. These companies predominate in IT, computer electronics, technology, entertainment, arts, news, and many other verticals.

Let us walk you through a detailed guide on why to choose and Angular for your app development and how to hire the best developers for your Angular app development.

Reasons to choose Angular

Angular is a typescript-based framework. Basically, Typescript is a superset of JavaScript that enables it to have all the features of JavaScript along with the latest features provided by lambda operators and iterators. It is a complete solution for developing a front-end-based application without the dependency of any other frameworks or plugins.

Angular framework is highly affordable, scalable and convenient. This feature-rich framework adds a spark to your web app and has a lot to offer. Let us walk you through the reasons to choose Angular for your business development.

  • It is a multifunctional framework following the MVC pattern
  • It comes with a huge community and experts in testing and support team
  • It is the best solution for developing single-page applications
  • It makes testing subtle and faster
  • It is efficient and easy to maintain
  • It is cost-effective for platform migration
  • It helps create declarative and unique UI/UX development
  • It gives the freedom of custom web development
  • It works on MVC architecture that is easy to use and understand
  • It makes the process of platform migration simple
  • It gives optimal web experience and advanced security features
  • It is easy to implement if JavaScript is familiar
  • It allows the combination of modules for app development

Ideal Angular applications

The idea behind using Angular in web applications is to make your web applications modular and easy to maintain. Angular brings MVC capability resulting in faster loading of pages. Here are a few ideal applications that can be built with Angular:

Single-page applications

Single-page applications happen to be one of the most famous applications used in the world today. As Angular is based on bidirectional UI data binding and a front-end web framework, it gives a linear user experience.

Single-page applications in Angular load a single HTML page and only a part of the page instead of the entire page getting updated with every mouse click. It doesn’t reload or transfer control to another page during the process. This ensures loading pages faster and higher performance.

The whole data is sent to the client from the server at the beginning and as the client clicks certain parts of the webpage, only the prerequisite part of the information is fetched from the server and this page is written dynamically. It results in a lesser load on the server and is cost-efficient.

Enterprise web applications

One of the major advantages of Angular is that it is highly supportable when implementing web applications for enterprises. Angular development enables faster reach for enterprise web applications and helps to address immediate business requirements for changing situations.

As it supports the object-oriented designing model for client-side applications, it becomes easy to maintain the web applications.

Moreover, enterprise web applications built with Angular are highly sustainable. Dependency injection, being the essence of Angular, makes it simple for enterprise web applications to get tested with comprehensive coverage and possible combinations.

Progressive web applications

Today, the way to unify application development starts with Progressive Web Apps. The PWA combine various frontend paradigms into coherent verifiable steps to enhance user experience based on device and browser capabilities. Progressive web app development enforces secure communication over SSL, fast data transfer over HTTP2 along with responsive design and progressive enhancement.

Progressive web applications provide users with an experience similar to native apps. However, PWAs are lighter and much more flexible. Unlike native applications, progressive apps built with Angular require no installation and are faster than typical apps when deployed with Firebase.

Server-side applications

AngularJS applications are client-side applications that execute seamlessly on the browser, which simply means they are rendered on the client, not the server. Although you can add server-side rendering to your application using Angular Universal. It is a technology that takes care of rendering Angular apps on the server.

Angular Universal runs on the server-side and generates pages sent to the client browser allowing the app to render more quickly. It gives users a chance to view the app layout before it becomes fully interactive. There are two main reasons to create a server-side version of your Angular application as such:

SEO: Server rendering in Angular allows search engine crawlers to crawl your web app easily, which helps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Performance: Server rendering in Angular improves the app performance, especially on mobile and low-powered devices as the browser won’t need extra time to render content, reducing the time to load.

Things to look out for a while hiring Angular developers

The hiring process can be long and tiresome. When reviewing a stack of resumes, a vast variety of experiences, skills, and traits highlight their differences. When looking at developers, one must follow a robust hiring process that ensures you hire the ideal developer who ticks all the right boxes:

Technical skills

A variety of abilities make for a talented developer, but technical skills are the ones that you have to evaluate most accurately. The developer needs to have hands-on experience in Angular development along with solid exposure to the Angular framework and fundamentals to develop an application. This includes creating modules, forms, services and components. Here is the list of essential technical list of skills for an Angular developer:

Angular CLI

The Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) ensures that your app adheres to the best-adapted practices. It is a command-line interface tool developers use to initialize, develop, scaffold and maintain an Angular app.

A potential developer should be able to create an Angular workspace folder generating a new app skeleton. They should be able to generate additional applications or libraries in a workspace for project configuration.

Node Package manager

The node package manager is one of the primary tools, Angular developers should know to use. It is an imperative tool for developers to install various client side web development packages.


Angular developers should know or at least have experience working with HTML and CSS, as these are the fundamentals for Angular applications. Although Angular provides basic building blocks for developing a fully functional web application, one needs to render it in a browser using CSS and HTML.


Though CSS and HTML style the interface or the presentation of the web page, JavaScript takes care of its core functionality. For instance, if you want to build an exquisite website with high-quality features and integrate the user interface with animations, then JavaScript is the choice.


Typescript allows developers to refactor the code and enhance productivity with its strong typing capabilities. Being a superset of JavaScript, it supports developers to write error-free codes, so they should have some experience working with Typescript.

Version control

The process of tracking and controlling changes to the source code is called version control. Even for developing simple Angular applications, it is risky to work without source control so the developer should be able to handle the experimental part of the code with new features and coding techniques with Git.

Communication skills

The coding world is shifting away from humans communicating with machines to humans communicating with humans via machines. In today’s workplace, skills like fluent communication, empathy, respect, and listening are characterized by emotional intelligence, which is just as important as IQ and other coding skills.

Hire Angular developers with excellent communication skills in order to manifest valuable team players working as an essential part of a highly functional workspace.

When we talk about communication skills, we refer to verbal and non-verbal communication like body language and even something as simple as sending an email response. As developers are often called upon to client-facing meetings, they should be able to give input in a reliable and practical way.

Core programming skills

AngularJS is an open-source framework that uses HTML as a backbone. To excel at building robust and dynamic Angular web applications, developers should have a grip on the core programming skills. Developers’ proficiency in core programming languages can tip the scales in your favor because with it, you’ll get up to speed quickly when you start.

A developer should have a working and practical understanding of standard algorithms and data structures while being comfortable with Angular. Data structures are core programming concepts, so it should be mandatory for developers to know basic data structures and algorithms.

Along with programming language skills, these two skills combined demonstrate a nuanced and expansive grasp of the fundamentals needed to succeed within the company. A key trait to look out for a while hiring Angular developers is to see if the candidate is focused on computational thinking or not.

Soft skills

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, developers’ soft skills are almost as essential as technical skills. These little but mighty skills can be the differentiator among qualified candidates so much more than certifications. Along with the pervasiveness of agile development methodologies, developers should show that they can integrate into mixed skilled development teams. For this developers must be able to raise issues promptly and report progress accurately.

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Business sense
  • Positive mindset
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Fluent communication
  • Team coordination

Roles and responsibilities of Angular developers

Usually, Angular developers are well accomplished in software development theory. Operating on the client-side of the software is their prime responsibility. Apart from creating a fully-featured application that is functional on all platforms, there are some other roles and responsibilities of Angular programmers as such:

  • Build and design user interfaces using best Angular practices
  • Make complex technological and design decisions for Angular ventures
  • Build responsive UI for modern apps using the latest front end technology
  • Use the latest Java technologies to run an application code
  • Write functional and fluent JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Ability to break down vast, multi-faceted goals into simpler ones.
  • Commitment towards company’s goals and purposes
  • Use Rest web services to run unit tests
  • Consult frequently with the design team
  • Consult the QA team for debugging of code
  • Conduct product development analysis
  • Offer post-maintenance support
  • Give application success assurance

Steps to hire Angular developers

5 Steps to Hire Angular Developers

Angular developers operate the main engine room of any organizations’ software section. They contribute significantly not only to the Angular app development process but also to a company’s growth by extension. Thus, to hire the right Angular developer, one must follow a robust hiring process designed to source the person with the correct skillset and desirable personal characteristics that allow a harmonious working relationship. Let us take a look at the steps to hire the right Angular developer:

Best tools

Choosing the best tools for the development of your application gives you imperative clarity ensuring the quality. Angular allows the programmers the liberty to combine JavaScript with HTML and CSS.

It even offers double-sided data binding and a fully-fledged MVVM helping to create a distinct logical part of the application. With Angular, integration of various external libraries and tools is also possible. Here are some of the best tools and technologies used to develop Angular applications:

  • Angular IDE
  • Angular State Inspector
  • Bat Scanner
  • Redux DevTools Extension
  • Augury
  • AngularJS Inspect Watchers

Hiring models

While hiring developers, you have two options to choose from: in-house or hire them from a company specializing in Angular app development with no infrastructure or extra benefit costs. The web development companies have more than one Angular development project and hence, their Angular developers are well versed in handling all types of requirements.

They come along with extensive experience in developing websites under strict deadlines. The remote Angular developers from the companies have time management and even project management skills as they work on multiple projects simultaneously.

When you hire Angular developers from a renowned Angular development firm itself, you can rest assured of the qualifications and skills they bring to the table.

Define goals

The process of hiring an Angular developer may seem an ordinary task. Still, when you get into the core of it, you will comprehend that finding the right person for the job position and company culture can turn out to be tricky. Thus, you have to filter the goals and objectives clearly to avoid any disruption.

Goals are an overview of general guidelines that you’ll have to discuss with the potential developers. Plans and actions based on clear goals and objectives are more likely to meet the app development needs.

Checkout portfolio

No matter how junior or senior, any talented developer should have a programmer portfolio. Portfolios are the best way to evaluate their coding skills through past projects. Digging a developer’s portfolio is vital to assess the candidates’ development level, their career goals, the skills they’re focused on acquiring and much more.

Look out for the portfolios that answer questions such as how did they integrate Angular with other tools or libraries, how did they collaborate with other developers and have worked on unfinished projects or not.

A portfolio will help you validate a candidate’s ability to explain and present their skills and a well-presented portfolio. These communication skills will always pay off in a developers’ role. While going over a developer’s portfolio, dig into some project source code before an interview; it can serve as a basis for dialogue and help you construct bespoke questions to use during the hiring process.

Practical experience

Typically, high-quality Angular developers come with a wide range of experience using different technologies and understand their work and when they should be used. Look out for developers who have experience in working on similar projects to your own as it allows you to tap into their previous learning and optimize project development.

Angular developers should have experience with multiple frameworks along with Angular. They should be able to create non-blocking code as well as be able to use multi-threading and other techniques. Ask questions such as what difficulties you experienced in your past experiences and what you did to overcome them.

This will assess the cultural fit of the individual. Experienced Angular developers will tap into their diverse industry experience and apply their technical skills to deliver the world-class output and overcome challenges rather quickly. Their practical experience is essential when it comes to hitting deadlines without compromising on quality.

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How much does it cost to hire Angular developers?

The cost to hire Angular developers varies based on their experience, skillset, location as well as business needs. It also depends on the number of resources and full-stack development expertise. These rates can vary anything between $10-70 per hour for junior developers while $30-100 per hour for mid-level developers and $40-150 per hour for senior developers. With proper communication and a detailed recruitment process, it is highly probable to hire remote Angular developers who are credible, talented, and fit the business needs.

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In the dynamically changing market of app development, the demand for Angular apps is significantly increasing. Many multinational businesses are going in for Angular for their forthcoming developments and acting as an apt replacement for the internal processes being followed by enterprises.

Creating apps on Angular is a promising area and continues to gain popularity, so choosing it as the next milestone in web development is a great solution. With its entire gamut of test frameworks and tools aligned with Prismetric’s expert team of dedicated developers, an Angular app can revolutionize your development project seamlessly.

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