How to identify an ideal software development company for outsourcing IT projects?

Software Development Outsourcing: How to Choose the Right Company

The software application development outsourcing market has outstretched from $45 billion to $85 billion in just the last five years. These numbers significantly show that both startups and enterprise-level businesses are embracing the idea of outsourcing software development services through IT outsourcing companies with open arms.

IT outsourcing involves farming out or sub-contracting certain IT functions to independent companies, third-party organizations or individual developers. There is no need for an in-house team unless you want it -that is the beauty of outsourcing IT solution requirements to a software development company. Let’s dig deeper into it and find out the many positive aspects of outsourcing software development services.

Types of Outsourcing Software Development Services

Choose Best Types of Outsourcing Software Development Services

The type of software development outsourcing is categorized by where the development is executed and is often location-based and relationship-based. Broadly, there are three types of outsourcing agencies mentioned along with their advantages:

Onshore outsourcing

When you obtain software development services from an ideal software solution provider outside your company but within the same country, it is known as onshore outsourcing. If you choose onshore outsourcing, you are open to advantages as such:

  • Easier to communicate
  • No cultural difference
  • Same time zones
  • Easily accessible

Offshore outsourcing

When software development operations are performed in another country altogether is known as offshore outsourcing. Offshore outsourcing software development companies are usually from a different time zone and in most cases are opted for because the costs are comparatively very lower. Here are the benefits of choosing offshore outsourcing for your project:

  • Global pool of talent
  • Highly expert team
  • Lower costs
  • Wider range of services

Nearshore outsourcing

The practice of getting work done by skilled team of software developers from neighboring countries rather than the same country is called nearshore outsourcing. Nearshore companies to outsource software development services are usually from similar time zones. The advantages of choosing nearshore outsourcing are:

  • Less expensive
  • Pool of talent expanded
  • Easy to approach
  • Significant culture

Software development outsourcing business models

Choosing a suitable pricing model can be complex and confusing. While guaranteeing that you get the most value for your investment, ensure that your software application development outsourcing partner provides top-notch IT solutions. Luckily top outsourcing software development service providing company like Prismetric offers hiring models and packages that fit your budget and project needs. The three most popular business models of outsourcing are:

Time and material model

Time and material models can be an impetus for more mutually beneficial agreements. This model requires you to bid for the project based on your depth of scope, requirements, and amount of work. You will need to tightly track project performance to avoid costly project delays. Prismetric makes sure clients receive outstanding software development services within the time factor and resources used in the software development process.

Fixed-price contract model

Fixed price models are perfect for small and medium scope projects with high value and long terms. The specifications, time schedules, requirements, etc., can be clearly defined right at the start of the project resulting in reasonable pricing solutions and lower risk of dissatisfaction. It also assures that the project will be completed within the agreed timeframe and budget. Under this model, Prismetric ensures the engagement of highly qualified software developers and experienced project managers.

Dedicated development team model

While the client has almost full control over the project and team, this model provides dedicated IT professionals that fully concentrate on the clients’ needs along with administrative support. This is an advanced cost-efficient personnel management model where both client and IT outsourcing company mutually agree on the project requirements and workload for a certain amount of time. Relying on years of experience and cutting-edge technologies, Prismetric also helps you handpick specialists and developers for your project.

Tips to find the perfect outsourcing software development company

Tips to Choose the Right Custom Software Development Company

You have come up with a great idea. You have a profound vision for a software project, but what’s next? How do you choose the best software development company for outsourcing your software development requirements?

There are a lot of top software development outsourcing companies having the best software developers with years of experience in crafting the most efficient solutions for businesses. Almost they all appear to be providing the same services standards. But appearances can often be deceiving. Here are a few pro tips to help you make the right choice.

Diligence and research

Before starting the search for your perfect software development partner to outsource software development project, do thorough research of your requirements, expectations, and vision. Get a clear image of what exactly you need. Prompt research and analysis of your competitor’s online presence would help you list down your business requirements and efficiently communicate the same with hired software developers’ team.

Clear communication

Effective listening and understanding are essential to clear communication and clear communication is necessary to manage successful software development outsourcing. It is a key factor all along the process of software development. In addition to technical skills to build your software application, communication skills are absolutely necessary. A systematic communication process helps in demarcating priorities and facing challenges head-on.

Company’s portfolio

During software development, there will be many challenges for which you will need an offshore software development vendor with relevant experience. Before going on board with the outsourcing software development firm, it is better to know the company through its proven processes, profound expertise, and projects under its belt. Go through the past projects vividly to get a familiar idea of the company. Review the company’s profile, check their portfolio, client testimonials, and case studies. Feel free to check out our portfolio.

Knowledge of software development systems

Having considerate information about certain software app development systems and technologies required to build software is an additional benefit. If you have this knowledge, it facilitates the goal-setting process and gives you a proper grasp of the characteristics of various tools and technologies of the software development.

Standard operating procedure

No matter how small or big your project requirement is, drawing an SOP with the mutual coordination of the outsourcing software development company is a vital step. The practiced processes and development methodologies employed by the professional software development agency helps in meeting individual business objectives and meeting industry standards. The checklist to outsource software development should include strategies and solutions to have much better clarity and choice about outsourcing IT projects.

Previous references

In the hunt for a trustworthy software outsourcing company, recommendations and referrals from a reliable source can be of huge help. A quick search online will help you to know a lot about the company’s online presence and further the company’s social media presence also adds to it. The references provided by some of the top brands add more value and you should look for such references. Having all this information will help you make an informed decision and be more confident about investing your money.

Security and safety

Believe it, security and safety standards are not something you want to compromise. It is better to be safe than sorry. This is a fundamental step to secure confidential data and information to avoid future violations or compliance issues. It includes sensitive data, proprietary business information, and classified information. Along with ensuring the outsourcing solution provider you choose has expertise in cybersecurity, implementing vulnerability testing and sophisticated encryption algorithm is also necessary.

User experience

The integration of an exceptional user experience in the software application development process ensures the acquisition of the product, including aspects of design, credibility, functionality, branding, and usability. An appealing user experience entails the appearance of the software app and attracts a major number of users. Ensure that the company you choose to hire focuses on having a deep understanding of users, their needs, values, abilities, and limitations.

Post-delivery support

Remember, professional software development outsourcing companies always provide maintenance and client support even after the development. They commit to provide post-development software services such as orientation, configuration, customization, maintenance, and backup services.

Closing words

Michael Corbett, Chairman of the IAOP says that the real power of outsourcing going forward is that it increases an organization’s core capacity for change and growth. The business challenges over the next decade will be very different from anything we’ve seen so far and it projects outsourcing companies that weave a powerful network of global partners through outsourcing will be the winners.

Having a well-sorted process is not enough in the IT industry especially in outsourcing software solutions. You will need an excellent outsourcing partner that recognizes your needs and aligns experts delivering robust services. Your software development outsourcing partner will also help you to build an efficient software development team with experience and expertise in your industry. As a leading software development outsourcing company, Prismetric has extensive experience in diverse industry verticals. Transform your business by leveraging the benefits of technological advancements; get in touch now.

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