How to Ascertain Quality Android Development from Your Offshore Partner

Companies often find themselves struggling to get the results they seek from their offshore android app development company. On the other hand, the offshore partner has its own struggles understanding the client’s requirements and expectations. Is there any way out of this??



If this sounds familiar to what you face while outsourcing your Android app development project, here’s what can help you iron out the creases and get you a true benefit of engaging an offshore agency.

1. Don’t Just Jump In: Plan which activities, if outsourced, can give you maximum returns. Some companies get the app designing done from their in-house team and use their offshore resources for creating app architecture and app coding. Next, scrutinize android app development companies. Don’t just select a company on the basis of the lowest quote. Instead, take a time to speak to them and if possible have their android developers on a pilot test.

How to Hire Android App Developers? – Explained

2. Strategize Backwards: Ask yourself what are the results that you seek by outsourcing the project. Be clear of the targeted customer base. Allocate a dedicated person who will be the single point of contact and handle queries that come up in the process of developing the application architecture. Your android app idea is your brainchild, so the best person to stay in charge of solving the queries is well, you. Discuss with your offshore partner about dividing your project into phases, allow timeline to each phase and set up milestones.

3. Stay Vigilant: If you are outsourcing for the first time or haven’t yet found an offshore partner that has proven its reliability, you have to spend time in staying in the know of the project status. To gain the true economic benefit, you will have to keep a track of your project.  Note the minor slips in the sending you the deliverables, as this can cumulate and eventually make it difficult in completing the project in time. If you have hired android developer on an hourly basis, more time would directly mean more money going off your wallet.

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