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Software Development – What Exactly Is It? A Detailed Guide

Software Development - The Complete Guide

With new disruptive technologies taking center stage, software development tools getting powerful, software architecture advancements, and development methodologies’ scalability, software development is increasingly satisfying the business prospects and their end-users needs aptly.

The global software development market size value is expected to become $474.61 billion by 2022 and grow at a CAGR of 11.7% from 2022 to 2030.

Businesses that wanted to keep up with the trend and gain enormous benefits with digital transformation are looking for the best software developers to get the best software engineered. Here, the selection of a software development company plays a vital role in bringing success to the business.

It makes essential to know about software development in detail, types of software, phases, and process involved in SDLC, software development methodologies, and the cost to develop a software. This article will explain everything in detail. Let’s dive in!

What is Software Development?

Software development refers to a set of activities such as development and designing to testing and deployment that are performed in an organized way independent of hardware.

According to Wikipedia, “Software development involves writing and maintaining the source code, but in a broader sense, it includes all processes from the conception of the desired software through to the final manifestation of the software, typically in a planned and structured.”

Let’s understand the types of software:

Basic types of software

Like Microsoft’s Windows, software can go into millions of lines of code or can contain only a single line of code. The software designed to run a smartphone is different from software designed to develop games or even from software that can be used as a utility application. To have an idea, we shall discuss in brief about the different types of software.

System software: This type of software provides core functions like operating systems, utilities, hardware management, risk management, and other operational necessities.

Programming software: Software development tools like linkers, compilers, debuggers, and text editors fall under programming software. These tools allow the programmers to create code for the software they want to build.

Application Software: is used to perform various tasks. Office productivity suites and media players are examples of application software. Web apps used for shopping on e-commerce websites and socializing on social media channels also fall under application software.

The software development company builds the software according to the planned strategy to ensure the final solution meets the client’s requirements. These planned stages that are a part in building a software are referred to as the software development life cycle, which is inevitable for smooth releases.

What is Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?

The software development life cycle involves the various steps and phases through which software development passes through covers various aspects right from software idea conceptualization to final execution. The various stages included in SDLC process are-

  • Requirement collection and analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • Software design
  • Software development
  • Software testing
  • Installation and deployment of Software
  • Maintenance of Software

The output created by every stage in SDLC acts as an input for another stage. Excluding technical aspects, Software Development Life Cycle turns the idea into functional software and helps with change management, user experience, and process development. The process of SDLC delivers a range of benefits for software development.

Let’s understand the importance of Software Development Life Cycle.

  • Ensure stellar communication between client and development team.
  • Assign roles and responsibilities for the team for smooth project execution.
  • Create a structure for feature requests and new updates.

The bespoke custom software development company navigates through various phases of SDLC using different methodologies depending on the project type, size, and needs. We will move ahead to understand the role of software development methodologies in creating a roadmap to building a successful software.

What’s the role Software Development Methodologies play?

The software development methodology is a process of building software that defines how the software will be developed, information shared, requirements documented, and a lot more. It makes it easier for every stakeholder related to the project to adapt to the development process and practices. There are various types of methodologies for software development that businesses prefer such as-

  • Waterfall methodology
  • Agile methodology
  • Scrum methodology
  • Incremental methodology
  • Iterative methodology
  • V-shaped development methodology
  • Spiral model for development

All of these methodologies leveraged by the businesses based on the software type. For instance, when there is a long-term project with requirements set in stone, waterfall methodology works best where client involvement is zero and the project is delivered at the end.

On the flip side, for the dynamic project that needs changes according to market trends or users’ preferences, the agile methodology is the best bet to place. This methodology involves splitting the project into parts that are built and delivered after every 15 days to the client for approval. The client can request changes as per the business project needs. However, the time and cost estimation get extended, which is a drawback.

The understanding and use of various types of software development methodologies are important irrespective of the development approach the businesses move ahead with- in-house software development or outsourcing software projects availing of software development as a service. This we will comprehend in the next section.

What exactly Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) is?

Software development as a service (SDaaS) emerged as the most-favored development approach by businesses due to the range of benefits it provides. SDaaS is different from the outsourcing in the sense of hiring a dedicated team that solely works on a business project. The undivided attention of a dedicated team with sheer transparency and no hassle of management is the plus point of the SDaaS model.

With skills and talent, you receive under the Software development services around the world will bring a slew of advantages to the businesses. Such as-

  • Acquire dedicated resources whenever required according to project requirements and build the software successfully.
  • The higher transparency for the accurate estimates of the task done even by the remotely working developers team is facilitated.
  • Access to skilled and experienced developers enables filling the void for specialists needed at specific developmental stages.
  • Scale up or down as per the software development project needs in a dynamic business environment.
  • The faster hiring process and improved visibility into project progress reduce the time-to-market of the software.
  • With no fixed price involved, the task list methodology helps in providing a more accurate cost estimate for software development.

The benefits of the Software development as a service are impressive that makes perfect sense to give credence to this model for building an economical solution with zero headache of team management. However, the software development cost estimation will be considered a vital aspect in making the decision. When the cost to build software is not calculated ahead of the development or estimated inaccurately, it brings terrible consequences to the table that are irreversible. It should not be overlooked at any cost!

How much does it cost to build Software?

The phases in process of Software Development Life Cycle- discovery workshop, designing, development, deployment, and support and maintenance, create a huge impact on the software development cost. Here are the pointers that you should check to verify the development cost is under the software development budget set aside. Here’s the checklist for businesses that will help to calculate the budget for software creation.

Technology stack

Technology leverage depends on what you want to build- a mobile app, website, and software. Taking a step ahead, the native development approach, cross-platform development approach, and hybrid development approach influences the software development cost. Decide what you want to develop and the platforms for which you want to build, which enable deciding the technologies and tools required. Technology expertise is needed for budget calculation.

Project scope

Software development stands on the pillars of features and functionalities. The total cost to develop software varies depending on the project size, complexity, and nature.

  • The development cost and time change when the project size is small, medium, or large.
  • When the UI/UX design or the project itself is complex, advanced functionalities are implemented, or special privileges are needed to build, then project complexity surges accordingly.
  • Software Project nature involves upgrading the existing project or creating a new product, which helps in deciding the tech stack, cost, and time required to get things done.

A trustworthy software development company helps you with accurate software development cost estimation. The software methodologies and Software Development Life Cycle process help in avoiding this hassle by helping businesses to get a precise projection for development cost based on the project type, size, and nature. Thus, the selection of the right software development service provider is important to ensure the best results. It requires considering a few tips in mind before you narrow down the choice to one.

How can I choose the best software development company?

The outstretching software development outsourcing market helps businesses with open arms in building a software as per their requirement with the latest trends and technologies. Here are a few tips that help you make the right choice among all the top software companies that appear to provide the same standard of services.

  • Perform research and analysis to get a clear vision for business project requirements and expectations before you start searching for the company.
  • Check communication process and channels for collaborative software development that helps in getting work done and challenges resolved on time despite time-zone differences.
  • Ensure the company has profound expertise and experience under its belt by looking at its portfolio, client testimonials, and case studies.
  • Knowing software development technologies and tools allows you to make suggestions while building a software.
  • Creating a standard operating procedure with the approval of the client helps in accomplishing business goals while meeting industry standards.
  • Make sure software is developed while meeting security standards, encryption algorithms, and vulnerability testing to safeguard sensitive data and prevent future violations.
  • Verify the commitment for post-software development services such as configuration, enhancements, maintenance, and customization.

These tips will help you find an excellent outsourcing partner that understands your business project needs and align the efforts to deliver exceptional services. Handpick the best talent to build a perfect software development team is not a work of an average Joe. It requires a proper approach to get the best team for your project.

How do you build a successful software development team?

The right mix of tech expertise, soft skills, and experience in the software development team helps in getting the project developed quickly without compromising on quality. A few tips help you achieve the toughest goal of building a software development team that caters to your business objective fairly.

  • Select the professionals having the expertise that your project requires.
  • Interview and screen the candidates to identify the seasoned developers that are technically sound and stand ahead in resolving technical challenges.
  • Curate the list with developers’ expertise evaluation to find out the master of one, instead of a jack of all trades.
  • Sign a contract with NDA involved while keeping a legal advisor in between to secure software development ideas and needs from breaches. Thereafter software development starts.

Wrap up

Software development has become imperative for businesses to not fall behind the competition. The rationale behind the software development guide is to make it easier for business owners and entrepreneurs to get quality software developed for their business, be it startup, medium-size, or enterprise level. The nitty-gritty of software development illustration from SDLC and software development methodology to the right development team selection and precise cost estimation for budget allocation helps in getting started quickly. Still, if you are unsure at any stage of software development, connect with our dedicated team that helps you from start to end. Let’s talk!

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