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‘Time is money’ is a phrase heard quite often in our day-to-day lives. But it becomes very important while you are launching a new mobile app. Clients nowadays keep a keen eye on the time taken to launch an app as it plays a vital role in determining the cost of the app. Thus, developing a minimum viable product (MVP) becomes a safer option.

MVP includes just the right amount of features that are needed in a mobile app on which the customer can provide their feedback. It is highly essential in the market scenario as knowing the targeted customers’ willingness to purchase helps in assessing the product and do the necessary changes. The purpose of Minimum Viable Product is to present a bucket full of features to the users by minimizing the errors.

What is the Need for using MVP for businesses?

MVP validates your business idea and creates some interest in the user about the product that you are launching. It creates a hypothesis so that the mobile app developers can foresee the errors and minimize or eradicate it at the earliest. Not only you can launch your product at the earliest, but MVPs are also budget-friendly. And to leverage full benefits of MVP, it is essential to know how to hire Flutter app developers with the right skill-set.

With an early launch, the businesses can acquire an active user base as timing is essential in the modern age technology world. The companies can channelize their efforts with MVP and thus saving a lot of time and manpower on developing a product.

If you want an app that could help you reach out to multiple users, having your app developed through hiring a flutter developer provides you an app with native app features, quality code and fast development process using MVP model with flutter.

Now, to develop the minimum viable products, the businesses must turn to flutter as it provides all the essential features that are needed to combat the product’s shortcomings. Let’s dig-in deep to have better insight.

Benefits of using MVP with Flutter for the businesses

A win-win situation for mobile app development

The combination of Flutter with the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) will surely create a win-win situation for the mobile app development companies. More than 40% of the startups face a dead end because they fail to understand their market and also customer needs.

With MVP, startups and established organizations can run a test campaign, hence cutting down on the time and cost. As it has a handful of features, companies can promote their mobile apps even at the first or initial development stages to create and maintain curiosity among the targeted customers. The businesses can understand the market scenario without making huge investments.

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Risk-free choice

Flutter allows the mobile app developers to deliver the product for two platforms at once, without any lapse in the user experience parameter for the app. Thus it is safe to say that Flutter has more positives aspects to offer than risks to your organization. While working on cross-platform apps, Flutter gives a feeling of native apps which is still the first choice of the organizations. As Flutter is an open-source platform, it has a considerable number of developers in the community continuously working on making and discovering newer things.

Single codebase

Although Flutter is a cross-platform development framework, Flutter has a single code base which makes it easier for the app developers to understand and implement. As the app development process becomes simplified, the productivity and the speed of execution improves abundantly. It also helps in creating an interactive interface that plays a vital role in bringing the customers to the app and also retaining them in the long run. Flutter is very easy to inculcate into the mobile app development process and develop a mobile app.

Compatibility with Hybrid apps

Flutter provides a consistent environment that allows them to work on the right note in all conditions. The main problems that developers and the users face with hybrid app development platforms are that they cannot include all the features of the native app.

Flutter removes this hurdle with its single code base and makes it easier for the mobile app developers to go ahead with the process.

Keeps you up with the evolving technology

Minimum Viable Product gives your organization the flexibility and buffer period to work according to the continually evolving technology. With the technology expansion, you always have to be on your toes, keeping up with everything happening around you.

Flutter stands class apart from all the other technologies in terms of fulfilling the requirements that are needed with a highly octave and compact MVP. Evolution plays a critical role in the advancements of the organization and Flutter with its prowess can be the perfect ally for any business. As you can easily streamline the processes, the implementation of the suggestions can be done at a rapid pace.

How the market leaders have used it?

The credibility of Flutter is proven by the fact that market leaders such as Airbnb, Instagram, Uber, Dropbox have used it and now are scaling heights of business in their respective fields.

  • Instagram was initially launched just on iOS when it was just a photo-sharing platform that the users can use by applying some filters. In a saturated market, a well though MVP with the help of Flutter worked wonders for its makers.
  • Dropbox too targeted the early adopters of the app by releasing a short video across the devices. The approach worked so well that the beta signs up for the app went to 75000 from a mere 5000.
  • Similarly, Airbnb too started its business by offering cheap rate accommodations to tourists and travelers in various apartments around the locality of their journey. With Flutter and MVP, the company always focused on obtaining feedback from the customers, and they did the changes accordingly. To date, Airbnb has not over bombarded its mobile app with unnecessary features providing a seamless experience to the users.

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There is no rocket science needed in understanding that developing the minimum viable product enhances the mobile app development process with Flutter proceeds at the rate of knots reducing the time required for product development cycle without compromising on the quality and gives you a chance to reinvent the product according to the customers.

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