Top Features of iOS 13 from Apple keynote 2019

Apple puts up its A game with iOS 13

The most anticipated day in the world of mobile technology was here as the behemoth of mobile technology; Apple revealed the key features of iOS 13 at Apple’s annual keynote event.

The much-awaited lived up to its hype created as Apple came up with some never seen before OS enhancements which clearly reflected that the tech giant is taking a more customer-centric approach.

We have made a list of rumored iOS 13 features, and most of them are there in the list given by Apple during the keynote yesterday.

Therefore, without much ado, Take a tour of all the marvelous features of iOS 13 with us. Don’t forget to tell us what you liked the most in our comment section.

New, improved Dark Mode

The new OS comes with a beautiful dark color theme which is perfect for low light environments. Not only will the mode be soothing to your eyes, but it will not disturb the people around you where there is no light. The pattern can be turned on manually and is perfect when you enter a dark room or a theatre.

Moreover, you can schedule the auto-tuning of the dark mode according to the time of the day, and it also has customized wallpapers to make the pattern look soothing to the eyes. The API also lets third-party developers include dark mode their mobile apps.

Augmented Reality

The feature of motion capture will allow the developers to integrate people’s movement into their apps. The integration AR will also give a more immersive and full-screen experience to the users. The augmented reality can be naturally integrated in front of or behind the people.

Increased Security and privacy

iOS 13 allows the user to manage the mobile app location permission and only grant access to the apps where it is needed. The location transparency feature will give you a notification of the mobile app using your location at the background, and you can decide whether to update your area or not in the app. The improved security version will also allow controlling the shared location of your photos.

Moreover, the Sign-in with Apple feature will not only allow you to sign up with websites quickly but will also never track your profile. Thus, Apple respects your privacy and gives you a hassle-free experience while signing in. The sign-in the feature will only require your email id and your name.

Refreshed HomeKit App

The HomeKit app will have robust controls and Siri shortcuts that can be added to the automation. The HomePod and Airplay-2 will have access to the songs, radio stations, playlists with Apple music. Along with this, the HomeKit powered cameras can support and record specific things like animals, vehicles, etc. and these videos can be securely saved on the iCloud. The new camera setting will allow direct access of them from the cloud.


With the new iOS 13, you can virtually adjust the intensity and position of light of each portrait lighting effect. For monochromatic images, the feature of high essential light mono will help in creating beautiful and classic photos on the white background. The new API will also support segmenting skin, teeth, and hair and allow the developers to create unique effects on the photos.


Even after eight years since its inception, Apple never fails to come up with new inventions with Siri. The voice assistant will offer personalized suggestions for Safari, Apple podcasts, and maps. With SiriKit for audio, you can now ask Siri to tune into your favorite radio channel, audiobooks, etc.

Moreover, Siri now has recognition to Indian English (both male and female voices) as well so as to cater to a large amount of Indian audience using an iPhone.  iOS 13 will also support all the 22 Indian languages and bilingual keyboard. The new language system will have fonts for Indian regional languages and much more.

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Refined Accessibility

iOS 13 will redefine the way you access your phone as the new OS version will give you complete control entirely through your voice. The user can add customized words to write an email or prepare a report as the voice control will understand everything in a synchronized manner.

The voice control will have accurate dictation and in device, processing, ensuring that all your data is kept private. The voice control will have a seamless transition from dictation to voice commands as by understanding the contextual cues.

Better Performance

iOS 13 will take much lesser time in mobile app launching as it will be twice as fast from the previous versions. The smaller mobile apps and fast face ID will allow the user to have better experience in using the iPhone.

Moreover, the mobile app updates will be 60 percent smaller on average.


Safari in will have an updated start page which will include a list of all the frequently visited website by the user. The page zoom will allow quickly zooming in and zooming out on the website’s text. The integration with iCloud will save the open tabs and browser history of the user with end-to-end encryption, thus giving a higher level of Security.

Screen Time

iOS 13 will create combined limits for specific apps and websites so that the user would know how much time he/she is spending on each. It will also track the usage data so now you can compare your last week’s work to the ongoing week. The predefined time can be extended by tapping on ‘one extra minute’ so that you can quickly save your work and log out.

Impeccable Wi-Fi support

iOS 13 will support the latest standards of Wi-Fi so that the user can have a secured experience while browsing. The automatic personal hotspot will connect your phone to the nearby hotspots while you are on the move, or there are no internet signals available.


iOS 13 will bring in a myriad of opportunities to hire ios app developers who can cater better app development services to the clients. The iOS app developers are also looking forward to working on iOS 13 in a full-fledged manner since the beta version of the newest OS was launched.

With iOS 13, Apple has made it clear that rather going for extraordinary changes; it will stick through the basics and innovate according to the likes and dislike of the customers. The features included in iOS 13 are a prime example of the tech leader catering to the customer requirements. iOS 13 will be available for common use from September 19, 2019.

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