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Salon Booking Mobile App

Salon App is an exclusive app designed and developed for the beauty conscious people who would like to find their favorite beauty salons, to book appointments, know the new offers that the salons announce and the nearest salons. Through this app the users can book or cancel the appointments. There are three different applications developed based on the user roles – for the customer, salon owner and the salon employee. And, every app has the specific features that suit the user type.

Client Requirements

User App

  • Develop a 24×7 salon appointment booking mobile app where the users can view nearby personal health centers and beauty salons and can book their appointments hassle-free in a few seconds.

Employee App

  • Develop an online salon appointment management mobile app where the salon experts/employees can organize their appointments and respond to the booking requests of Users. Moreover, Salon experts/employees can also create appointments for users in the app

Owner App

  • In addition to all the requirements in the Salon expert/employee app, the Salon owner app should have a feature to get details about the employees work.
Salon App

Challenges we overcame

  • Managing time-slot for salon experts/employee & salon owners when multiple users are booking the appointment for the same date and time-slot
  • Managing urgent booking feature for all users

User App Features and Functionalities

  • Search & Filter salons based on your interest and location to book the most advantageous service.
  • View the list of salons in specific location (near to the user’s current location), select any saloon to view the complete description including list of services provided, list of employees working there along with all professional details of the salon
  • Create user-profile and book appointments 24×7 by selecting the services from the list provided by salons, select date, time-slot and submit the request to book an appointment for free
  • If a user selects a particular salon employee, then the date and time-slot will be according to employee’s availability
  • If a user has not selected the salon employee, then the date and time-slot will be according to the salon owner
  • Urgent booking feature will offer a great value to users
  • Users can reschedule & cancel their appointment if not confirmed by salon owner or salon employee. If the appointment is confirmed then the users cannot reschedule or cancel the appointment
  • Option to create user’s favorite list of salons.
  • Add special notes while booking an appointment. Booking is free of cost but if a user didn’t go to the salon the appointment will expire.
  • Get discounted prices by using promo codes
  • Option to scan QR Code at salon location to add that particular salon in favorites
  • Rate and Review Salon Owner and Employee/expert after completing the session booked.
  • Through Multi-lingual Support the users can access the app in both English and Turkish Languages
  • An option to set the reminder in the app in addition to push notification and SMS notification feature.
Salon Expert

Employee App Features and Functionalities

  • Create employee’s professional profile online.
  • Create appointments for users, confirm, decline/cancel or reschedule users’ appointment booking requests.
  • Control and organize upcoming, pending, completed and cancelled appointments.
  • Flexible service hours by providing availability in terms of date and time-slot and set special working hours.
  • Notifications and reminder SMS & push notifications to remind Salon employees/Experts of their upcoming bookings.
  • QR code scans by salon expert/employee to complete appointment. Also, there is a feature to add special note while completing the appointment.
  • Receive Rating and Reviews from users after completion of appointment
  • Create special promotions by generating promo-codes in the app
  • Contact to Salon Owner/Management through app.
  • Multi-lingual Support i.e. ability for salon expert/employee to access the app in English and Turkish.

Owner App Features and Functionalities

  • All the features and functionalities provided in the Salon expert/employee app..
  • Salon Owners can view detailed Reports of every service in the mobile app including salon expert’s work and performance.
  • Internal messages feature where Salon Owners can view messages from their salon experts/employees.
  • Purchase Subscription Plan/Membership by making an online payment using an integrated payment gateway.

Technical implementations & Specification

  • Payment Gateway Integration for Salon Owner Membership Subscription Plan
  • Android: Android Studio with Java
  • iOS: XCode and Objective C


 User App

    • An app where user can create a profile, search and filter to view nearby salons, book appointments online, reschedule or cancel appointments, set reminders for confirmed appointment, rate and review salon owner & salon employee, enter promo-codes to get discounted prices and many other important features. A perfect app for a customer with end-to-end services for booking an appointment at a Salon based on their feasibility.

Employee App

      • An app where salon employees can create their professional profile, organize appointments and respond to booking requests, create special promotions by generating promo-codes, receive Rating and Reviews from users, access the app in English and Turkish Languages & ability to contact Salon employee through app.
      • Link for Play Store Employee App
      • Link for App Store Employee App

Owner App

    • Besides the features of a Salon expert/employee that are also available with salon owner app there are some additional features where the salon owner can get detailed reports of the salon employees’ work and performance.
    • Link for Play Store Owner App
    • Link for App Store Owner App

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