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Pad Delux

PadDelux is specialized in producing the highest quality dog pads. Signing up with the app is easy and just takes a few seconds. Select a pad size and your custom schedule to get started. Through PadDelux, the users can order dog pads in bulk and also subscribe for monthly and weekly delivery

Client Requirements

  • We were approached to build an application that is specialized in selling the highest quality dog pads
  • Signing up with the app should be easy and should not takes more than a few seconds
  • The user should be able to select a pad size and customize the delivery schedule as per requirement
  • The user should be able to log in to their account at any time to make changes
Functionalities of Pad Delux app


It was a bit challenging to get the solution for those who pet dogs and go to the market to buy the products for their pet. Also, finding specifically designed products for the particular breed is very difficult in the current scenario

paddelux diagram

App Features and Functionalities

  • The app makes it easy for the users to select the size of the pads for the dogs and can also select the bulk order as required
  • The users can order the dog pads and get it delivered at their doorsteps
  • The app was built in a way where the users can change profile related information on the application by logging in any time
App Features and Functionalities Pad Delux

Technical Implementations

  • iOS: XCode with Objective C / Swift language


We built an application in which all the products related to dog pets are found. The pet owners can also find the products at very reasonable rates as they buy them in bulk. Further more the users can find the products that are made for the particular breed

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