Flywheel is an incredibly easy app for booking cabs in America. The GPS helps track where the driver is and an approximate time when will he be able to pick them up. The application is one of the best to fetch you a cab or taxi even if you are in the middle of nowhere in San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Portland and Seattle.

Client Requirements

  • Create an application that can provide the user with easy to use taxi functionalities


To make the task of finding a taxi during peak hours very easy and to aid in booking a taxi in case of an emergency when a person runs out of cash.

Application features and functionalities

  • Request a cab using this taxi booking app
  • Book a cab in advance while you plan your trip
  • View the location of the driver once you book a cab
  • Get the notification when the driver arrives
  • Pay cashless through the application to the taxi driver

Technical Implementations

  • iOS: XCode and objective C
  • Android: Android Studio with java


To build an application where the users can book a cab at any time required and can track about when the taxi will arrive at the user’s location. Users can also book a cab for the future trips and finally be dropped off at an airport

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