DropDND, an excellent app for selling used yet wonderful items with no effort and free of selling cost. The buyers alone will be paying for the item they buy while the seller need not pay for the platform he/she is making use to sell their product. The app offers a chance for the buyer to quote their price for the used item displayed. The design and the interface let the users participate in the Dutch auction with ease and offer the sellers to LIVE chat with the buyers. The app was developed with a client-centric approach and limited yet useful features to make it more functional for the purpose.

Client Requirements

  • The app should be developed in a way that users can view the products by categories in the application.
  • The app should allow the users to search for the products they look for
  • The information regarding the users who are selling the products can also be viewed into the application
  • The users can reserve the item which they like so that no other users can buy that product.
  • The app should let the Users to have some conversation with the sellers
  • Capture the picture and fill all the details into the application

App Features and Functionalities

  • The app has been designed to let the users to explore different categories to sell their products through the application.
  • A buying tab to view the reserved items and view the watch list was developed
  • They can search for a particular product or category in the application.
  • Users can view the seller information and product posted by seller
  • The user can reserve the item so that other users cannot buy it
  • User can LIVE Chat with the seller
  • A watch later button to view the item later
  • To sell any item, capture the picture and upload the product after filling all the description in the details page and upload it into the application to sell it.
  • Selling tab to view the active, not active and sold items into the application via this tab.
  • To view profile page the details regarding the items viewed, sold and bought, give your location


It was very difficult to buy and sell the products in person viewing the products at the user’s location and traveling to the distance was hectic. Manually keeping track of the products that are being sold. Keep track of products manually in the specific location UAE was cumbersome and there was a need to come up with something that can make the work of the users easy and brisker. Technical Specification:
  • Android: Android Studio with java
  • iOS: XCode and Objective C.


An app that can cover both the areas of selling and buying the products in which there was a special feature for the sellers was that they can add a product and can make it active or add it to inactive. The buyers can reserve an item and can reserve it for them so that no other buyers can buy it. Chatting with the seller is possible after reserving the item and discussing regarding the price in which they can buy it.