Check My Planner

Check my planner is an amazing mobile app to find and track the nearest events, festivals or plan your events. The photographs and pictures of the old events can also be viewed and can be shared with other users. Any event and occasions at your nearest locations can be tracked using Check my Planner and can also be planned along with friends, family easily, and shared with everyone.

Client Requirements

  • Build an application to see and plan an event around a particular area.
  • Unique filters were asked to be built to allow the users find the right event
  • Users should be able to browse the events where they can see photos of the events they are looking for.
  • Once the user attends an event, they can then post photos directly
  • Those photos can be commented on and shared to other social media.
  • If the user misses the event or wants to see the pictures from events that has passed then they can use the Flashback feature


There was a difficulty in finding different events occurring in the city through the old methods, as currently the people are busy with their work and have no time for viewing the advertisements on the newspaper can view the information regarding the event and the pictures of the latest event and the past events as well.

App Features and Functionalities

  • The app has been built to view the events into the application and write a note regarding that into the application. Click Attend on the application and view the photos into the application
  • The users can view the event in description or can use the flashback option to view the photos of the past events.
  • Users who have attended the event can upload the pictures of the events
  • Users can further share the pictures from Check My Planner on other social media platforms
  • Users can also register as a business app user to signing into the application

Technical Implementations

  • Android: Java with android Studio
  • iOS: XCode with Objective C/Swift language


An application where the users can find the details regarding the event and pictures from the past events on one application has been built. Users can just go through the application and view the list of all the events in the application;they can book it on one click and can click the pictures of the event and upload it using the application.

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