Top 3 mobile chat apps that save you on costly SMS packs

If your mobile carrier service doesn’t provide with unlimited free text messaging, there are amazing opportunities that modern Smartphone platforms provide. As per recent research, 41% of mobile users in the UK have ditched text messaging services that cost you money in favor of free chatting apps that just make use of you internet connectivity. Here we have listed the top three apps that have made quite a mark in the market.


WhatsApp Messenger

This messaging doesn’t need too much of an introduction. In 2012, WhatsApp was ranked as the most engaging app by Neilsen India Consumer Rankings. Available both for android and iOS platform, the app uses the device’s internet connection to send and receive chats, pictures, video messages and audio notes. It had been declared as a free service for the first 1 year of use, but for users exceeding the limit, no money has yet been charged!


WeChat is the most widely used voice messaging service over android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Nokia S40 (beta) platforms. The main attraction with this platform is a free ‘live chat’ wherein friends can communicate in a walkie talkie fashion. The service also supports texts, pictures, videos and is one of the few apps that lets you make more friends randomly on its social platform.


Viber has recently risen in the popularity list and has more than 175 million users across the globe. The advertisement free app is simple and makes free calls possible to any mobile that has Viber installed in it. The sound quality is quite clear and further the app allows text and photo messaging.

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