Taxi Booking Application (Passenger & Driver)

Taxi mobile application allows users to book different types of rides ranging from “taxi”, “carpool”, “outside”, “rent a car” instantly within the application. Furthermore, this application provides a safety feature “SOS" which users can utilize during emergency situations. Moreover, upon completion of each ride, users can rate and review the driver. Additionally, drivers can set their availability status (Online/Offline) in order to receive trip requests in the application.

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User App Features

Book Taxi Ride
Book Carpool Ride
Book Outside Ride
My Rides
Booking cancel
Easy Payment

Driver App Features

My Trip Requests
Earnings & Invoices
Set Availability Status
Manual Reservation

Features for Passenger Application

Taxis in Map-view

Users can view nearby taxis in map-view in the application.

Rent a Car

Users can view a list of available nearby cars for rent and can submit a request for rent.

Book Taxi Ride

Users can book a taxi ride by providing pick-up and drop-off location and selecting booking type (Book Now/Book Later).


In case of Emergency, Users can press the SOS button which will send an alert including the user’s current location to admin.

Features for Driver Application

Set up Profile

Drivers can add/update their profile by providing vehicle-related information.

Trip Requests

Drivers can start receiving trip requests (for taxi/rent/outside/carpool) by updating their status as “online”.

My Trips

Drivers can view all their Upcoming/completed/Cancelled trips.

Earnings & Invoices

Drivers can view their total earnings and can view invoices for their completed trips.

Features for Admin Backend Panel


Admin can track the real-time location of all car drivers in map-view along with driver’s status (Online/Offline).

User Management

Admin can Manage Passenger Users & Drivers.

View All Trips

Admin can view the list of all Upcoming/Completed/Cancelled rides.

Fare Rate-Card Management

Admin can manage fare rate-card for all types of rides (taxi, outside, carpool and rent a car).

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