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Privacy Policy

We follow strict norms to ensure the privacy

Data Privacy

  • Prismetric is a website that has the whole will to protect our visitors’ and subscribers’ information with the highest level of security.
  • Project details will be treated as a sole intellectual property of the client and will be safeguarded with extreme precaution.
  • The project concept or information will never be exposed, shared, altered, recreated or reused in any form in our ongoing, future projects, concepts or ideas.
  • The data we collect during the time of subscription will never be shared with third parties.
  • We prevent our client and subscribers’ information from being stolen or sold, through our strict data security policy and system, and firm implementation of the same.
  • Our emails and Newsletters will always be sent with a link to unsubscribe hence, no user or subscriber’s interest will be violated by Prismetric

Protecting User Information through GDPR

  • We being a website that collects user information we completely abide and conform to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018 of EU.
  • The individual data will never be analyzed or stored for future activities.
  • The user can quit using the website and can take back the individual consent to access his/her personal data.
  • We have all the rights to discard our user data anytime.

Change In Policy And User Discretion

  • Prismetric with its sole rights can change or remove the policies, content, and terms and conditions on this website partially or completely at any time without prior notice.
  • Users need to have a close attention to read and understand the policies before using the website.
  • User discretion is mandatory to use this website.
  • All users above 13 years of age are eligible to use this website
  • Users shall discontinue the use of our website anytime if they find our policies and terms disputable in any form.

Our Cookies Policy

  • We set cookies into the devices of our users, to offer our users a better experience, with the user’s permission.
  • We do gather user information and detect their location so as to enhance the service we deliver. We might also implement it using 3rd party tools.
  • The information collected about visits will not be utilized for any promotion other than the purpose intended.
  • Our user data collected will not be shared, altered or exchanged with other sources.
  • We treat our users’ data with utmost privacy and we use the data to offer highly refined results only.

Project Submission Data Security Policy

  • Prismetric protects the contacts, email; project, proposal, and enquiry details submitted by the users of the website with obligation and will not be shared or sold.
  • The details will only be used to serve the client with the appropriate project development details requested through the submission but not for any demeaning activities.
  • The developers, designers and all our employees are strictly constrained to Prismetric’s rules and regulations that forbid them from involving in or inflicting any sort of malpractices, creating undignified instances and manipulations of the project details, client information and task particulars in any form.
  • We take the necessary actions to safeguard client information in comply with and by conforming to the Indian law, amendments, and regulations pertaining to the Information Technology Act. But, if the data entered is not as per the mandate form, or the details entered is false Prismetric will not be held responsible for the loss if any that might occur due to not following the mandate information.
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