Coming Soon: Steps Climber Game ‘Sticky Jump’ to Meet Players on iOS

The cute characters of Sticky Jump will be shortly entertaining iPhone and iPad players. We are working hard to get the game ready for iOS with the same ‘awesome’ game experience. Our team is excited to launch Sticky Jump alongside some of the all-time blockbuster arcade games on Apple’s App Store


Coming soon to steal your heart!

If you think about it, there’s hardly anything more exciting than great group of friends and wonderful places to have an adventure. That’s Sticky Jump for you. Of course, it’s all a virtual treat. This first-ever mobile game from the house of Prismetric has received ravishing reviews from players on Android devices. Thanks to each one of you who has played Sticky Jump and loved it.

With such warm encouragement, we have now decided to launch our jump-up game on iOS as well. You will soon be able to enjoy the beautiful fantasy world of cute, baby animal characters on your iPhone and iPad. Our mobile game developers are taking extra care to give you the ‘wow’ experience of jumping animals one by one, on the high-definition retina screen. We are sure you will love the pixel perfect graphics of playful rabbit, white-black penguin, green parrot, cute cat, dreamy unicorn and many more.

Heck! It’s raining balls and boulders

The game play stays the same, but you can enjoy it to the fullest on iOS powered devices. On the high definition screen of iPhone, players will get warning signs in a snap, which indicate arrival of trouble. These obstacles are always on! However, you can still turn the tables by keeping a close watch on the warning signs. Just when you thought you smartly dodged a rolling bounder, you might have raining balls ready to hit one of your chosen game character.

Remember, if one of the twin character gets hurt, you have to start again. Tick up the adventure meter of our step-up game and try out the twin pair of mischievous money, fierce lion or wily wolf. Of course, your efforts are rewarded. As you move up in your achievements, you increase the chances to win gifts, earn coins and get the reward points.

When exactly can you meet these heart-melting animals on iOS?

Well, we can’t open that secret yet! But, we are pretty sure that Sticky Jump will be out in the next few weeks on iOS App Store. We are excited to launch it on yet another platform to see your delight in playing the game. If you have played and enjoyed the game on Android devices, tell us what’s your favorite piece in the game in the comment below.

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