TradesHire App

TradesHire, it is a usability app that connects the local home-service providers and the service seekers. The easy options, sign up processes, and search preferences make the app more interactive and exclusive for both type of users- the service providers and the seekers.

Client Requirements

  • To develop an app that helps connect service provider and customer for fulfilling home-related services

App Features and Functionalities

View/Browse Postings Feature
  • View List of all the job postings of nearby users
  • Search and filter job postings sort by Distance, Price, and User ratings
  • The app allows the users to share cool new finds and favorite places with the rest of the GLYD community
  • Select any job to view description, title, location, date and best time, budget and customer information
  • Service Provider can click on the Make an offer button to make an offer for the posted job
  • Service providers have to set-up their direct deposit in order to start making offers for the posted job in the app
  • Service Provider can click on the Chat button to chat with the user who posted the job in the application
Work History & Invoice
  • Service Provider can view work history as Previous or Past completed Job and list of Upcoming Jobs
  • Service Provider can view Invoices in the app
Earnings & Transaction History
  • The user can view the total earnings, option to withdraw money by transferring it to the linked bank account and view transaction history
Chat Feature
  • Service Provider can view all the chats in the mobile app, send and receive new messages from users who posted the job in the mobile app, can delete if required by selecting the appropriate options


Integrating Stripe Payment Gateway with the application

Technical Implementations & Specification

Technical Implementations
  • Payment Gateway - Stripe Integration
Technical Specification
  • Android: Android Studio with java
  • iOS: XCode and Swift


Successfully developing and implementing an On-demand Service provider solution wherein service providers can search for posted jobs, view list of job postings, chat with users, send offers/quotes for the posted job, view invoices, receive payments after work completion along with ratings and reviews in the app.