Why it Makes Economical Sense to Hire Silverlight Developer

So now that you have decided to get a Silverlight application developed, you put the development and deployment expenses into perspective. Chances are that the big bill of an ‘average’ Silverlight app development overwhelms you and you choose to look for offshore Silverlight development services to cut down on cost. Great.

Silverlight Developer

However, by going one step deeper you can add some more costs and yet maintain quality. Consider hiring Silverlight developer. Here’s the cost + benefits of hiring a resource:

1. Pay as You Go:

No fixed, flat project price is the charm of hiring a resource. All you pay for is the hours spent on the project and no additional frills. When you enquire about Silverlight custom development services from professionals in India or elsewhere, you’ll be surprised that you can save significantly on development cost with the hiring model than on full project price. Try it out yourself and see the cost difference.

2. Escape from the Additional Duties Towards an In-House Team:

Employee benefits, welfare measures and fleet of other HR benefits are good to induce productivity but weighs heavily on the company’s budget. You can easily bypass the big bill by choosing the hire option from a professional company providing offshore Silverlight development services. Such companies have a robust project management system that allows for speedy communication and revisions, just as you would have with the in-house resource.

3. Save Time in Head-Hunting:

Some companies offer the flexibility of resource, wherein you can swap the developer with another or hire more depending on your project deadline. Say, mid-way of the project execution you realize that you need to add different features, and for that, you would need a developer with a different set of expertise. It’s possible with the hire developer model. Also, should you feel the need to accelerate the speed of development, you can add resources right away. No time wasted in head-hunting.

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