Weekly Analytics: Top Stories from the Mobile World (Sept 13 – Sept 19)

Every week through our deep research and analysis, we put our best foot forward and try to bring in for you some of the most enchanting and defining moments from the mobile world and the world of technology. This week also we have bought the show stoppers from last week and the range includes IoT, Virtual Mobility, Startups, Cloud Computing, App innovation and social media marketing.

Also, after Instagram making mobile centered features for iPhone 7, mobile app marketing giant Snapchat is also making serious inroads in authenticating its features which can be related with iOS 10.

Weekly Analytics Sept (13 - 19)

Therefore, it’s the apt time to take the detailed look at buzzing stories from the mobile world that made the heads turn in the last week!!

Here it goes.

IoT: How the smart materials will reshape the world

Over the last few years, IoT (internet of things) has been the utmost priority and a hot centre for a flurry of activities. IoT is believed to be the next big thing for the future, but in this scheme of things we are not heading correctly towards the embedded sensors. Thus, the IoT stuff amalgamated with the embedded sensors might look like a sci-fi fantasy, but, is soon becoming a reality. These objects would be smart enough to capture and relay data on the cloud and can configure themselves according to the changing marketing conditions.

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Story in Vogue

Other Stories:

Virtual Mobility: Productivity mobility to give businesses a boost

New technologies have historically changed the way we work in our day to day lives and at our workplaces. The continuous innovation in technologies like AR and VR have eventually increased the advancements of the enterprises and have given them much needed boost in their productivity. This productivity mobility has made the enterprises rise their game inside the office and the virtual assistance have given them a much needed assistance to be touch anytime they like.

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Startups: The Digital Nomadism is slowly becoming a reality

The forward thinking startups through innovations and technology has made travelling and working from anywhere a reality even if you live at some of the remotest place around the world. Digital nomads as they are called, are free spirited tech workers who have taken the concept of work from home to the remote places and are making it big there. Also, there are some startups that are breaking the rules in order to provide facilities so that the nomads can climb the career ladder even while trotting the world.

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Cloud Computing: An amalgamation that will do wonders for cloud marketing

Avention and Oracle Partner Network are launching a new OneSource connector application for Oracles app marketing cloud. This amalgamation will give deep linking to business to business account insights and provide marketing technology a comprehensive ecosystem. Also it will provide a broad set of marketing apps and mobile data services in order to extend and optimize their technology and marketing strategies.

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App-Innovation: The race to be an “All-In-One” app

With the gamut of apps available for every category, app fatigue has been the main hindrance for new app discovery. Therefore, it becomes imperative for the apps to be all in one app so as to provide all the desired features to their customers. Also this will allow them to be compatible with any of the top mobile OS and can captivate their users thus increasing the process of user retention. Also, this will give them an overwhelming response from the users and a clear advantage over their competitors.

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Groovy story of the week

Social Media Marketing: Methods by which social media has altered the way to do business

At the time of its inception, the social media sites were only used for connecting people so that they can spend a fruitful time during their leisure hours. But over the period, the social media sites have become increasingly prominent and transforming businesses and brands to connect to their users in some of the most unique ways.

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