Weekly Analytics: Top Stories from the Mobile World (Oct 25 – Nov 1)

As we get into the last two months of the year 2016, the world of mobile technology is also seen making a serious uplift in the different fields. As we head towards the business end of the year, various mobile technology sectors such as augmented reality, e-commerce, m-commerce, enterprise apps, internet usage and artificial intelligence are creeping up and were the talking points last week.

Weekly analytics (oct 25 - nov 1)

In addition to the above sectors social media giant Facebook is working aggressively in direction of each and every field related to social media platform so as to provide full fledged services to its users.

The emergence of digital marketing has made different domains to get rid of their tried and tested methods and get evolve with the world. The latest to join this trend is the pharmaceutical industry from India and they are experiencing the change in technology as well as insights.

With such a gamut of activities happening over the last week, it is the apt time to get detailed insights of the “techno-logical showstoppers”.

Internet Usage: Mobile data to hold 3/4th of the internet usage

We all are well and truly aware of the impact and penetration mobile technology has caused in today’s technology driven market. The emergence of smartphones has made the brands to optimize their mobile offerings as it is and will be the key to success in the future. Mobiles have become the optimum medium for internet usage and there is no surprise that they hold the majority with 75% of the total internet usage.

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In Vogue

Other Stories:

Enterprise Apps: Amalgamation of Messaging and Collaboration Tools

To boost their operational efficiency, more and more companies are opting for enterprise apps. More than half of the technological personals believe that the combination of messaging and collaboration tools is essential for their organization’s success as such apps will be at their peak in the coming future.

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Artificial Intelligence: Future of Mobile Advertising is AI

It is evident that mobile technology and the smartphones are the future of online purchases and e-commerce as it has a well organized location based and personalized data. While mobile advertisers can use chat bots, push notifications and smart platforms such as Siri and Alexa so as to connect with billions of customers. Mobile can be used to modify the marketing strategy as it is more flexible as compared to desktops and other mediums of advertising.

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E-commerce: Mobile technology will be critically important for online business

The growth of mobile technology is bound to be profound in the coming future; therefore it will become a critical ingredient for the evolution of the e-business. Mobile is robust and has a wide range that would help the customers not only in shopping but enhancing their overall shopping experience. Also, with the cross platform apps, larger horizons of operations can be covered with the smartphones that can’t be browsed on desktops or laptops.

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Groovy Story of the week

M-commerce: The upward shift of mobile shopping

The popularity of smartphones and the constant evolution in mobile technology has led to an exponential rise in M-commerce which has made it a major channel for shopping. Brands are considering M-commerce over its conventional shops so that they can reach a wide range of audiences. Also, the users nowadays feel more convenient in using smartphones instead of laptops or desktops.

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Augmented Reality: Facebook tests camera’s special effects

Facebook is looking forward to use Augmented Reality so as to embrace the next era of communication technology. It is testing its new AR driven camera special effects under the name “new camera”. These effects will contain some of the finest and innovative filters that will respond according to the body movements of the users.

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