Weekly Analytics: Top Stories from the Mobile World (Oct 18 – Oct 24)

Mobile world with every passing day is taking giant and progressive steps in the direction of constant evolution and advancement. We at Prismetric do extensive research in order to bring forward some of the top notch news from the mobile technology world that have been on the brim the past week. In the 15th edition here, we will have a look at the news related to social media marketing, Future of augmented reality, e-commerce, IoT, Entrepreneurial Digitizing and VR.

weekly analytics oct (18 - 24)

Apart from the above mentioned fields, Facebook also unveiled its apps that would help the marketers in managing their time schedule and meetings so that they can preciously focus on the more productive things. Google has also made some serious advancement in its home automation Google Home to narrow the monopoly of the single franchise that held the market.

Let us not waste a moment further and lets hit straight to the detailed version of these unique and interesting set of news that rocked the mobile world in the past week.

Augmented Future: After PokemonGo, what is the future of Augmented Reality?

The success of PokemonGo has just taken AR (Augmented Reality) to another level altogether. It has been the highest downloaded game on the planet with over 100 million downloads in the first month itself. The success of the game has opened up new opportunities for Augmented Reality and the future prospects looks really bright for it. From programming to automotive design and building construction, AR pervasiveness and prowess has been looked in with eager eyes.

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Story in Vogue

Other Stories:

Social Media Marketing: Instagram a must for new businesses

Instagram is the top leaders among the social media platforms and plenty of brands endorse their products as it has an amazing visual appeal and customer base. Along with the established one, Instagram can be a blessing for the newbie’s as it has more than 500 million users every month. Thus, it will provide a huge platform for the new businesses so that they can propagate their product to a large number of audiences.

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Entrepreneurial Digitization: Digitization is must for all the budding entrepreneurs

We can’t deny the fact that digital is the future and has a huge potential in front of it. For the entrepreneurs around the world, it is necessary to get used to the world that is being digitized or else they would lie behind the stuff that is transformed in a comprehensive manner.

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E-commerce: How the online giants get ready for the festive season

As we head into Diwali, the e-commerce websites are all geared up and pouring in with discounts and hundreds of tantalizing items are in the fulcrum of steep discounts. Stats also show that, product sales online are predicted to scoop up from 50 million to 200 million by 2020 and festive seasons brings in the bulk of shopping in these areas. This has become more prominent with a steep increase of smartphones as well

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Groovy Story of the week

IoT: Internet of Things paving way for on-demand economy

Smartphones were the pioneers that connected the Internet-of-Things devices. After being the game hanger in almost every field related to our day to day life, connected devices and their data are set to make on demand business possible. Yes folks!! You heard it right; the next generation of IoT devices will have great improvements and will explore hundreds of new opportunities for on demand businesses.

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VR: How Virtual Reality can drive success for marketers

We all know that Virtual Reality is the next big technology along with AR (Augmented Reality) which is pitted to rule the future. With its extraordinary growth rate, VR can also be that cutting edge technology that can be used by the marketers to make their marketing campaign successful. From targeting customers to content marketing and all the other aspects, VR has full potential to drive immaculate success for marketers.

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