Weekly Analytics 44: Top Stories from the Mobile World (May 4– May 10)

We are all aware of the term sky is the limit, and this term is apt for the mobile world as it undergoes tremendous innovation and changes every given week. In the 44th edition of Prismetric’s weekly analytics, we bring forward to you the news from the different genre like modern app development, Chatbots, Mobile apps, Apple, Google and Mobile technology.

Weekly Analytics[Prismetric’s Weekly Analytics]

Embracing the technology is the most intelligent that the mankind has done over the course of time. As we celebrate Mother’s Day the coming Sunday, we’ll also see how mobile technology has been instrumental in making the modern day moms more aware, self-dependent and ready to take on the world.

Therefore, let us get our head down and see the major changes in the world of mobile technology in detail.

Chatbots: The commercial excellence of the Bots

Chatbots can be fairly helpful in trimming the business cost and be more authentic in customer retention. Stats show that the bots can cut up to $8 billion per year by the year 2022. The new research is also anticipating a surge in the usage of Artificial Intelligence so that the companies can embrace automated customer service programs.

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Story in Vogue

Other Stories:

Mobile Apps: People are using more apps than ever

The scenario regarding the usage of mobile apps hasn’t changed during the recent course of time. According to the reports from App Annie, mobile app users have spent nearly one trillion hours on them in the year 2016. The trend for 2017 looks more or less the same as the number of mobile app users have increased drastically. Both for the iOS and Android app platforms, the number of users are on the rise.

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Apple: The tech giant offers new tools for iOS developers

There is good news for iOS mobile app developers as they are all set to gain a little more knowledge and insights related to apps. Apple has announced to update the app analytics tool to provide its developers a better look in related to mobile apps. The new tools would contain all the information related to the discovery of the apps, where they are in the iTunes app store and where their previous location was on the web.

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Google: Now Google will help you search nearby events

Google is updating its mobile app for a richer experience and also to help the users to find their relative things with utmost ease. Be it concerts, art exhibitions, festivals, meetups or anything else, whichever thing is happening nearby will be detected by your Google app. The company is rolling out this new feature as millions of users are searching the queries related to local activities and events every day.

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Groovy Story of the Week

Mobile Technology: How the mobile apps are helping new age Mothers

Mobile technology is proving to be a mighty important factor in making the new age moms capable of doing what they feel like and make them keep up with all the latest trends. It has been a vital cog in maintaining and improving their health, especially post pregnancy as it has all the necessary amenities. Apart from their own health, mobile technology also helps in taking care of the newborn baby from the beginning itself. In addition to this, it has been instrumental in honing up their skills so that they can take care of their careers as well.

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Modern App Development: App development, users still rule, mobile apps, mobile tech

No matter how far you come up in life, some basic rules are never going to change. The same is the case with mobile app development as through open source also, the app development is done according to the users only. It has been a key notion in defining all the innovations and also cater the next generation technology.

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