Weekly Analytics 43: Top Stories from the Mobile World (April 27– May 3)

Mobile apps are serene, subtle and very enigmatic. Apart from being highly usable, it has become the fulcrum or I should say the base for every business organization. The past week also was no different as we saw major changes in the field of Android, Instant Gaming, FB marketing, Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Google SDK and Mobile Payments. Therefore in this weekly analytics we will bring you all the nits and bits of the path breakers from the last week.
Weekly Analytics

Mobile apps have been a revelation for the companies who are specifically looking to find their feet in this highly gruel some and competitive business world. Also it gives them a chance to express themselves on the world stage so that their talent and skill gets recognized everywhere.

Artificial Intelligent: AI giving something beyond smartphones

Let us accept the fact that mobile phones are no longer just smartphones as they have all the necessary amenities that would be needed by the user in his/her day to day life. Also with the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence, the apps response can become more interactive making the mobile phone a highly reliable personal assistance. AI is definitely changing the level of the new age devices.

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Story in Vogue

Other Stories:

Google SDK: Google Assistance SDK now publically available

Google’s new assistance has the same accessibility as Amazon’s Alexa as it can be integrated easily with almost everything. Now the SDK of Google Assistance is publically available and will also allow the developers to provide intuitive features on a regular basis. The SDK will work on Raspberry Pi or other similar development boards.

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Android Apps: Role of Android Application in Business Development

This is a worldwide proven fact that mobile apps are bringing some of the most unprecedented changes in the business world. Among all the leading mobile platforms, Android is the most preferred and used as almost 70% of the smartphone users are Android users. Hence building an Android application is very essential for the modern day companies as it is the fastest growing mobile platform.

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Instant Gaming: FB messenger to roll out Instant Games worldwide

Facebook will now allow its users to play no download HTML5 instant games through the messenger app. The Instant games are now global available with over 50 titles to play, the games ranging from Pac-Man to 8 ball pool. It will also render the app developers to develop new game bots that will communicate with the players at different levels and to reward them. Instant games will act as a conversation starter for the users i.e. something to do while they are waiting for a reply.

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Groovy Story of the Week

Mobile Payments: Android Pay being the new revelation

We all are aware of the fact that digitization is the future of everything and is here to stay. With the evolution of mobile technology, the method of payments has also changed as the digital mode of payments is more secured and easier to use. Android Pay is a global mobile wallet that ihas the capability to integrate all type of cards and use them as and when the user likes. The user has to just tap in order to make the payments.

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FB Marketing: Facebook rejuvenating its marketplace

Facebook is all set to give its marketplace a major visual overhaul so as to stay afloat in the competition. The new look marketplace will have amazing and colorful icons, improved search options and filtering features. Also the navigational elements in Marketplace will be a made a lot simpler in order to give the users a smooth ride while using the tool.

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Online Searching: Alphabet putting in efforts to go beyond the search

Google’s parent company Alphabet is making some serious inroads and following a certain pattern for advertising operations these days. These patterns are making it grow more strong in the business in their own right and also going the extra mile so that the customers would get their desired thing with ease.

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