Weekly Analytics 42: Top Stories from the Mobile World (April 20– April 26)

This edition of Weekly Analytics marks the end of the first quarter of the year 2017 and for the mobile world, the journey has been fantastic till now. The story of the past week was interesting with some notable innovations in fields like Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Apple, App development, Mobile security, Machine Intelligence and marketing strategies.

Weekly Analytics

The year 2016 gave us an overview of what the new technologies such as AI and AR can do and the dawn of 2017 has seen many companies implementing it in a very fruitful manner. The companies are using it in their core scheme of things and also in the marketing strategies so as to rope in a larger number of customer for a longer period of time.
Therefore, let us shift our focus back and see what impact did the changes made to the particular field and collectively to the mobile world

Mobile Security: Over of Android and iOS security reports

There has been a large discussion over the security scenario of the major mobile OS platforms like Android and iOS as the major part of the world uses them for the daily use. As their resources are essential here is a report that depicts the security ratio of both iOS and Android in an illustrated and statistical manner. Also as enterprise mobility is on the rise, mobile security becomes even more important.

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Story in Vogue

Other Stories:

App Marketing: Understanding the marketing Strategies of MMT

Technology has been the main factor in making the world a global village and has also tempted them to explore more and more places. This has brought many travel and booking apps to the fore so as to provide ease to the customers. One of them is MakeMyTrip (MMT) who has emerged as a market leader and is ruling the roots with its impeccable marketing strategies.

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Augmented Reality: FB’s big push into AR

Facebook is seeing Augmented Reality as a major tech market sector and is putting sincere efforts in making it big in this field. FB’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently explained the impact what Augmented Reality can have in the coming years and how important it is to embrace the essence of technology right away. It would also be a perfect ally to VR and together they will be the pillars of technology in years to come.

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Artificial Intelligence: Infosys launches AI platform NIA

One of the largest IT services provider from India Infosys has announced to launch its AI platform NIA under its RPA solution process. The new platform would be a big path breaker in big data analytics, knowledge management, machine learning, etc. It will also be capable of scaling high-end performances related to language processing and infrastructure management services.

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Groovy Story of the Week

Apple: Steve Wozniak talks about AI in Corpus Christi

The founder of Apple Steve Wozniak was at the 29th annual meet of Christus Spohn Lyceum and talked about the importance of Artificial intelligence in the coming time. Also, he said words related to the usage and the application of AI related to the various sector of technology more related to mobile technology.

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App Development: How enterprises can facilitate mobile app development

If your organization is struggling with deploying the correct apps related to the businesses then they must be struggling with coping up with the competition of the modern business world. Therefore, the employees first need to understand the core of app development and then work according to prevailing trends. This method reduces the chances of risk considerably and gives the company a chance to rise.

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Machine Intelligence: MI is the future of monetization for FB

Money is effectively the most important factor why entrepreneurs or mobile app development companies make apps. Facebook has made it clear that Machine Intelligence will be crucial for it to make money in the future as the emergence of AI platforms.

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