Weekly Analytics 36: Top Stories from the Mobile World (March 9 – March 15)

“Optimism lies in the eyes of the creator who has the capability to change the world”, the famous quote related to creators and people who have changed the world around us amazingly. In the realm of mobile app development too, the past week has been very prolific and so have included some of the important news to our weekly analytics. We have seen some major developments in fields like Mobile apps, Mobile Marketing, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, Android, FB for developers and the changing shapes of mobile apps.

Weekly Analytics

The mobile app developers are doing their bit to up the ante with every going week so as to give the best possible facilities and services to their customers. It has been the result of their constant and methodical efforts that mobile app development has seen an unforeseen rise in the past decade or so.

Now, let us shift our focus back to the major news of the past week from the world of mobile technology and see the impact that they have made in detail.

Mobile Marketing: The Dominance of Mobile Technology in Marketing

Due to the constant efforts of the digital marketers and evolution of technology, mobile apps have become the next big thing or the biggest thing ever. In short we can say that the last decade, ever since iPhone hit the market in 2007 it has belonged to mobile technology. As far as the marketing is considered, it has certainly become an indispensible part as mobile apps have been instrumental in taking the process forward.

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Story in Vogue

Other Stories:

Chatbots: Increased use of Chatbots in Businesses

The recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence have certainly been the main reason behind the prolific usage of Chatbots in businesses. Chatbots can perform various tasks such as scheduling the meeting, assisting the new users to get accustomed to the product, etc. It can also play a vital role in clarifying the queries of the customers in an authentic manner at a rapid pace improving the response time and that to on a regular basis. With all such capabilities, it has certainly made the business leaders to invest in Chatbots heavily and see the desired results.

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Mobile App Development: Cognitive apps forming a new perspective

With competition on the rise in the mobile world increasing with each passing day, companies are constantly looking for innovative methods and things to engage their customers. One such method is to build highly modern mobile apps that are stronger in performance sleek in design and looks attractive to the eye. Cognitive mobile apps are one of the fundamental approaches in this direction. As they are built on Realm platform, it takes different approach to the APIs.

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Artificial Intelligence: AI transforming Workplace

Artificial Intelligence is playing a pivotal role in changing the way mangers do their work in offices, right from hiring to distributing work among the employees. The AI apps will help the employees to analyze the vast amount of data in a more efficient manner so that they can meet their necessities well. Also, the AI-driven work is more synchronized, well structured and also takes less time.

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Groovy Story of the Week

Mobile Apps: The change in shape of Mobile apps

The constant improvement in technology has led to the drastic change in shape of the mobile apps. The apps are no longer stringent in design or shape and can be both hybrid and platform specific. In addition to this, more specifications can be put in without increasing the size of the app so that it doesn’t block unnecessary memory space in your smartphone. Also, it is providing maximum usability opportunity to the users and also giving the mobile app developers an ample chance to showcase their talent.

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FB Developers: Facebook warns not to use data for surveillance

Facebook announced that it will clarify the developer’s policy to prohibit the usage of Facebook and Instagram data in the surveillance tools. This announcement was made in response to the American Civil Liberties union. Facebook has contended that this kind of usage of data is against its policies and will be curbed down soon.

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Android: Android is getting Google Assistant

Google announced to release the latest version of Google Assistant for the newest version of Android after the users install the updates. Making Google Assistant available on the Android phones will allow Google to rope in more number of customers without depending on the hardware sales.

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