Weekly Analytics 30: Top Stories from the Mobile World (Jan 24 – Jan 30)

We are at the end of the first four weeks of the New Year. The world of mobile technology as always has brimmed with upcoming technologies such as IoT and AI who are making their mark in the business. Last week social media marketing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Marketing technology, Mobile Gaming and Internet of things were the front-runners and thus made it to our Weekly Analytics number 30.

Weekly Analytics Marketing technology

In addition to this, companies are making optimum grounds to leverage all the possible usage of the new technologies so as to cope up with the ever changing tech scenario. Also, the technologies that showed good results in the previous year are coming to their own and helping the organizations to grow at a rapid rate.

Therefore, let us get into the detailed scheme of things and look in detail and find out the impact they had on the world of mobile technology in the past week.

Let’s roll out!!

Virtual Reality: VR enhancing travel marketing

With the enhancement of technology, various industries around the globe are taking note of it in order to amalgamate the technologies for smooth functioning. It has made the world a global village and has made people to travel more than the previous times. Virtual reality will be instrumental in enhancing the brand presence and also the versatility of the travel company and give them a tinge over their competitors. It will also create a life size impact on the customers and influence their traveling habits.

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Story in Vogue

Other Stories:

Internet of Things: It’s time for IoT to step up

Over the last few years, IoT has been the eye candy for the tech people as it has been showing a lot of promise since its inception. Along with Big Data and Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things is also becoming one important source of technology as it has multiple uses. The platforms associated with IoT are more sophisticated and provides a wide range of service that are user friendly as well. It will allow the multiple things to work under one ecosystem.

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Mobile Gaming: Mobile games are a sure shot recipe for success

Although mobile gaming market is extremely difficult to break into, it’s a pain worth experiencing. Currently, there are huge number of people who are addicted to online and mobile gaming and the app store is flooded with huge number of gaming apps every day. The gaming apps are instrumental in increasing the customer engagement and also make the product extremely popular. Moreover, the companies can rope in other things into the mobile gaming app so that the customer gets value added services and will become more loyal to your product.

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Augmented Reality: AR transforming how knowledge is imparted

The popularity of Augmented Reality has grown at the rate of knots after the immense success of the game PokemonGo. Tech people have already begun to experiment and use AR in different fields. One such field is the field of imparting knowledge i.e. education. With AR, the teachers can overlay the digital information in the physical environment and make the process of learning very interesting. Also, the students would get a higher immersive and interactive study experience.

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Groovy Story of the Week

Social Media Marketing: SMM is necessary for sustainable growth

In this internet obsessed and frequently changing world, timing and reach is very important. According to a stat, a 30 sec advert sells for around 5 million if implemented correctly. Therefore, social media marketing is necessary as it provides sustainability and a strong foothold to the companies that help them to reach more number of customers.

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Marketing technology: Predicting the marketing tech for 2017

In the new too, mobile will remain the priority of the digital marketers as it has a wide range of customers that are far more than the desktop users. 2016 saw the emergence of the virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri, 2017 will also bring in the spoken words back into the spotlight and offer amazingly enhanced services to the customers.

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