Weekly Analytics 29: Top Stories from the Mobile World (Jan 17 – Jan 23)

We all are aware of the famous saying that “Time and Tide wait for no man”, but in case of mobile technology we can say that it has used the time to its utmost optimum and evolved with it drastically. The past week of the first month was no different as fields such as wearable technology, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Social Media, Amalgamation of AR and Artificial Intelligence with glasses were the talk of the town.

Also, Search Engine giant Google was in the frame of things as it has started the testing of Instant Apps feature for Android platform. These apps will be instrumental in bridging the gap between web and native apps and break them into small packets so that they can run easily on the web store.

Therefore, without much ado, let us get straight into the detailed analysis of things and look how these technologies were at the fore of their prowess the past week.

AR amalgamation: Apple working with Carl Zeiss on a new product

Apple is planning to put a strong foot forward in the world of Augmented Reality as it has intentions of working with optical device manufacturing giant Carl Zeiss. According to a well-known blogger who attended the Consumer Electronic Show confirmed that Apple and Carl Zeiss are forming a partnership to bring out a new Augmented Reality Product in the future. This AR product will be capable enough to be wirelessly connected with iPhone or iPad and the glasses would be superimposed on the user’s view.

Story in Vogue

Other Stories:

Artificial Intelligence: 5 major AI hurdles that would be overcome by 2020

It is a proven fact that Artificial Intelligence is getting more advanced and emerging every year and getting potentially ahead with time. But there are still some major limitations that are keeping the users away from the futuristic reality and are needed to overcome in the near future. Fortunately, some of the limitations are on the verge of being overcome if done with adequate planning and carefulness.

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Social Media: How Social Media Ingrained into our Lives

When social media started in the mid-2000s, it was just a glamorous and popular way of getting connected online. With the passing of time, it continues to have a substantial effect on our lives and has largely ingrained into our biological system. There is a cluster of social media apps that indicate the progress and the state of them becoming stable. Moreover, the centralization of social media platforms will take it to newer, bolder directions and also leave out the older conceptions.

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Virtual Reality: How VR is going to help in Education

The Current technology landscape has all the credentials to take the world to new heights and make it a better place to live in. As the technology is evolving, Virtual Reality is all set to revolutionize the way education is being imparted. Schools are taking serious steps to amalgamate VR into the education system so that the students can be benefitted immensely.

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Groovy Story of the Week

AR with wearables: A newbie hoping to compete with the giants

With Virtual Reality changing the way we play games and communicate, AR will change the way people work and navigate the business world. Also, Augmented Reality being feasible even to the newbies of the industry, there is a company who is hoping to compete with Microsoft and Google with the usage of AR. Vuzix is going to introduce the sleekest pair of AR glasses this year in order to take a major leap in the AR tech world.

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Wearable Technology: Wearables giving insights of becoming your well-being coach

Wearables are slowly and steadily becoming important in giving insights to the daily physical and biological lives if the users. There are several wearable apps in the market that helps the users to monitor their mental well-being and physical fitness. Currently, there are apps available that help in keeping a track of emotions over the time.

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