Weekly Analytics 28: Top Stories from the Mobile World (Jan 10 – Jan 16)

The machines are making the humans smile as the evolution in mobile technology is enhancing by leaps and frogs with each passing day. As we head towards the third week of the New Year, technologies such as mobile app strategies, IoT, AR, AI, Mobile Gaming and Social Marketing.

Mobile app strategies

In addition to this, Artificial intelligence has seen some steep rise in the past months as not only the tech giants but also the novices in the technology industry are using it so as to get maximum output from their resources. Right from doing the household works to provide smart entertainment and learning value, AI is all over the place and with its constant evolution is here to stay for a very long time.

As the mobile technology overall continues to make human kind happy, we are bound to get some new facts and technology innovations every week. Till then, let us dive in and have a look at the showstoppers of this week.

Here we go!

AI: Microsoft’s insights about how good Artificial Intelligence can be!!

It is a proven fact that Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI is comprehensively making its way from the larger than life Sci-Fi movies into the distinct reality. We are using AI systems in applications such as self-driving cars, Personal Voice assistants, home assistants, etc. Moreover, Tech giant Microsoft has indicated the advanced usage of AI in cloud computing and mobile first technology as they can effectively fulfill the fundamental needs of the users.

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Story in Vogue

Other Stories:

Mobile App Strategies: Expect big things in app strategies in the New Year

With its heart-warming and breath taking evolution with each passing day, Mobile apps are not the shinny looking toys anymore as they have the competent force to elevate any business. Started as an isolated product, mobile apps have gradually become an integral and embedded part of every application and digital product. They have provided a perfect communication path between the consumers and the workers and also allowed the leaders to form comprehensive mobile app strategies.

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Social Media Marketing: Methods that can do a “World of Good” in SMM

The ever evolving mobile technology has lead to the increased usage of Social Media Marketing and helped not only the brands but also the upcoming companies to achieve unforeseen success. For most of the marketers, success means raising brand awareness through amazing customer connectivity and lead generation. There are several methods to confine social media marketing so that the marketers can achieve their desired results.

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IoT : : The Future of Internet of Things in India

IoT and Big Data are the technologies that can be embedded into every smart device so that it can be available to billions of people directly or indirectly. This will give a great push to everything connected with Internet as everything around us will end up becoming an IoT in one way or the other. The Big Data tools will help the companies to get the hindsight and foresight of the industry and hence will lay the foundation of the next level of growth in the largest democratic country of the world.

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Groovy Story of the Week

AR: Augmented Reality reshaping the future of E-commerce

As the companies are beginning to realize the potentials of AR and with the investments pouring in, it can be used in genres other than mobile games. AR has made tech enthusiasts to realize their dream of making high quality devices and market conditions so that they can achieve the next advancements in the tech world. Stats also show that with the interest pouring in the investments had gone upto $ 1.7 billion in the past 12 months.

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Mobile Gaming: The evolution and growth of the gaming apps

In the past year, Mobile games have proved that they are a dominant force in the tech industry capable of doing various works other than just improving the entertainment value. With a booming market and the mobile game players seemingly ready to try their fingers on the new evolving opportunities, 2017 seems to be even brighter and buoyant as far as generating top level revenue is considered.

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