Top Web Development Trends for 2018 that you should not miss out on

The era of the web development is not dead yet. Still, the businesses prefer to create the online presence and the users turn the browser on to search or buy the services on the internet. Since web implementation, the websites continued to evolve after every year with new technologies, frameworks, APIs and pretty more. In addition, a lot of actions are initiated to support web development growth and make the development plain-sailing.

Top Web Development Trends For 2018 That You Should Not Miss Out On

There are many web technologies ruling the webbed world and more are anticipated to come bringing new concepts, new logics, and new trends to build websites that perform to the notch. However, the wave of change will always bring the good results is not guaranteed, and the businesses are also not left with an option to let them go.

Embracing the change is sometimes good and sometimes bad.It’s better to keep up with new trends to lead the way, instead of repenting in the end when someone else is stunning considering the trends important. It’s significant to go ahead with new trends to leapfrog the competition.

Every year, we are witnessing the changes and 2018 is no different. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to win the race in the long run? If so, let’s do it.

Here are the latest 7 web development trends on which you should keep tabs on and integrate them when your website needs them:

  • Chatbots will be making inroads into the web realm

After the years of experimentation, the artificial intelligence and machine learning now has got perfected, which can learn and analyze the content browsing patterns, content consumption habits and interactions in a couple of seconds. The businesses are taking full advantage of such chatbots to improve the sales and make the customer service efficient.

This is why E-commerce websites know us so well. E-commerce chatbots monitor which product details we are browsing and then when we move to another page, the same products are shown to remind us what we have looked previously and perhaps, interested to buy. The chatbots add new capabilities to the customer service by answering the users to the common questions, or helping to checkout, or redirecting the users to the information.

eBay has integrated chatbots in the Facebook messenger for helping the users in product selection by interacting with users in different ways. When the customers get accustomed to chatbot trend, they like to have the chatbots on all the websites as it makes interactions seamless.

  • BLOCKCHAIN- the talk of the show

The websites are not just a medium to display content, while they are storing vast amounts of user’s crucial data. A single hole in the website security makes the user’s data prone to theft, which shakes the user’s trust from the brand and repairing the image will take years. Especially, banks, E-commerce stores, financial institutions and others have a need fora robust secure website to safeguard the precious data.

Here blockchain technology comes to the rescue. The most effective approach to store the data as it’s a distributed ledger that stores data on the decentralized network without having any intermediary in between. Plus, the records saved in the form of blocks that are unalterable thereby making it completely impossible for a hacker to put a dent in the website database.

  • Virtual reality will be incorporated into video backgrounds

According to a research, “The video content as an intro on the website is a powerful tool which heightens the likelihood of sales with increasing CTR. Almost every online store will have some kind of video content on the web page banner.”

With the statistic, it’s certain the video content draw the attention of the maximum users. How about when the same 2D video offers 360-degree viewing experience when the users wear virtual reality headsets.Yes, the immersive VR video integration on the website is expected to rise.

Although incorporating the video mapping, interactive videos, 360 modeling or 360-degree videos are an expensive option, there are some tech-savvy businesses that have started implementing VR videos to improve the website accessibility and stay ahead of the game.

  • Augmented reality will bring transformation

The AR trend is quickly embraced by the different industries due to its immersive nature. Initially, it’s taken up to introduce the entertaining element in the applications, but later its potential use cases are realized that’s taking the AR industry by storm.

Many websites are weaving the AR DNA to showcase the content in a unique manner. For instance, the online store selling block games for the kids has embedded the online trackers on the website, after scanning the trackers, the video to design the different shape starts playing. The implementation of the tutorial with AR content improve the block game sales, kid’s experience, and brand recall.

The brands can launch their product in the market with emerging technology to create a difference in the market. Besides, the technology can also be implemented in the marketing offers displayed on the websites.

  • User interface in motions

Every business wants the intuitive UI for the website where the designs and graphics help the users to easily locate what they are seeking for. It’s the biggest concern for the developers where they struggle with creating the UI that breath life into the minimalist website and enhance UX. The animations, GIF images, flashing banners, and transitions are used, but they are not as effective in bringing loads of accolades.

Nowadays, the motion UI is picking up the pace where the continuous motion opens the door for the high-level of customization. It gives the power to the developer to add styling, parallax effect, obscuration, easing, superposition and more options for engineering a feature-rich website that adds appeal to the users.The motion UI can be used in certain parts of the website to showcase important actions to the users with the moderate design.

  • Material designing will keep you ahead of the way

Taking a step further, the material design is a unified system that combines resources, tools, motion, and interaction under the hood to create brilliant digital experiences. The material design is the attempt made by Google combining visual material and motion, which is built on the top of responsive materialize CSS framework.

Amalgamating the design innovation with the possibility of technology, the material design creates a visual language which provides visual cues to the users that helps in understanding the website UI at ease. Motion is an add-on which presents the UI or objects to the users in continuity where movement is meaningful and transitions are efficient.

The material design is compatible with all the browsers and stands high on the user experience ladder. This trend is sure to grow in the decades to come.

  • Voice UI and search is expected to gain ground

The voice search has already become popular in the mobile apps with Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Android’s Google Now. Increasingly, the users prefer to use the voice digital assistants to accomplish the search or complete different tasks on mobile.

Soon, we will have the websites with voice interfaces where the intelligent voice assistants understand and act upon the commands the users have spoken.  Moreover, when the machine learning is added, the user’s needs will be predicted and fulfilled even before they complete their command through natural language processing. Going this way, the website content will become conversational, which increases the user interactions.

Not just the Google search becomes voice-optimized, while the site-wide search can also be made voice-optimized.

To sum up

It’s of vital importance that your website is responding to the growing web design trends and user expectations or not, no matter whether you have built the website or it is under development. The websites can only create richer web experiences and WOW the users when they give space to the new technologies and trends. It’s high time, don’t see your future in the future and focus on the trends that you can embrace to finally create a website that gives the users an experience of a lifetime. Hire top web developers to leverage the latest trends in web development Make 2018, the year you will attract and retain the users for life with the modern and up-to-date website.

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