Smart Home and IoT – The Next Generation Living

Smart Home – What is the BUZZ all about

According to Juniper Research, the idea of smart homes was coined about 80 years ago but due to technical limitations it couldn’t turn into the reality till now. However, the mass adoptions to internet and revolutionary advancements into the wireless technology have finally made smart homes a reality now.

Smart homes, also called automated homes, are a living space where all devices are data connected providing homeowners with superior access and control to everything in the house from anywhere in the world. The concept of smart home isn’t just restricted to the inside space of the home but also outside of it; garden, car, backyard, patio, etc. can also be connected to a single network using data driven devices.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Is Where Everything Begins

A recently published whitepaper by Park Associates discusses the tremendous business potential of wireless connected home systems and products in today’s time. The following chart shows the adaption of various stand alone devices or products into the smart home networks in the USA.


 [image Source: Park Associates]

In today’s time, smart homes are a place where all wireless connected devices are interconnected and they share content (information) with one another, all being a part of Internet of Things, shortly called IoT. The connected devices are even smarter these days; they can analyze and interpret the Big data (the digital inputs about consumer preference, behavior, etc.) to finally bring in more comfort, control and security for homeowners.

A recent report by Juniper Research anticipates that global smart home service revenues will go beyond $72 billion by 2018, considering highest share from the entertainment segment. Check the chart as shown below:

[ROI Generated by Global Smart Home Services]

The Future Begins and So as the Next Revolution in the Mobile Apps’ Segment

The top-notch experts of the technology niche discussed the smart home revolution in depth at a recent smart home summit held in London on September 29 and 30. However, simply put, smart home is where all systems or devices, we uses in our everyday life, can talks to each other giving you a superior living experience.

For instance, your heating system has pre-analyzed data about your regular movements and thus keeps the home pre-heated at 6pm when you are likely to return home. Your smart home can communicate with your car over a Smartphone app. probably, you can leave a message that you are coming home early to an absolutely automated but centralized system. If you forget to lock the door or say windows are open, you may do them being anywhere outside the home by merely a web access or a mobile app.

The future homes (or smart offices and buildings) will have many smart sensors and systems well-integrated over a centralized network. The aim is to embrace HVAC controls, lights, TV, refrigerator and a lot more into a smart home network. This will eventually lead to power saving, enhanced security and more convenient living to name a few.

In the light of the discussion, there will be a huge demand of mobile apps that are really smart – the ones that can be a part of smart home services. Newly launched wearable devices by Apple and Google will also be an integral part of the smart home network.

IoT has introduced a new segment of mobile apps; Hark app developers, gear up for the new challenges in the app world!

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