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We revamp your business technologically fantastic on a highly functional development architecture

Technology for truly awesome feature-rich Internet Applications

Today, Silverlight is one of the most preferred technology solutions for RIA (Rich internet application) development. Backed by a huge Microsoft community and company’s large market share in desktop OS, Silverlight is soaring in popularity and demand in the global market. The technology is an ideal choice for organizations looking for responsive and functional sites with minimal loading as well as processing time. It ensures fast processing of media based applications across all devices including desktop, tablets, and smartphones.


We offer Business-Centric and Custom Silverlight Development Services

We house one of the finest Microsoft Silverlight development team in India. Our Silverlight application development team comprises of consultants, analysts, developers, designers and QA. We thrive on extensive experience in building dynamic and interactive Silverlight applications for businesses of all sizes. One of the key advantages of Silverlight applications are, they can get auto-updated in real-time. Regardless if you are a large-scale enterprise or a small business, we can cater to your custom Silverlight development needs in the desired budget.


Our expertise with Silverlight and exclusive web development services

Our Silverlight web application development services include RIA development, Silverlight integration to existing applications for higher engagement, windows mobile app development, enterprise application with database integration, custom component development and JavaScript integration with Silverlight applications. We also order comprehensive support for your Silverlight applications. Our Silverlight developers are well-versed in other technologies such as .NET, C++, XML, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and AJAX. This further enables us to meet any challenging integration needs of our clients from different industry segments.


We build user-friendly applications that provide results

We, at Prismetric, adhere to unceasing efforts to develop highly interactive RIAs leveraging the many technology benefits of Silverlight. We strive to push the technology boundaries to the next big level and ensure exceptional deliverables for your business ROI. A few of the many Silverlight applications we can build successfully include sales dashboard, online shopping cart, custom Silverlight module for .Net application, social media plugin and EMR application. What’s more, web applications built using Silverlight technology ensure cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility

When it comes to Silverlight app development, Prismetric is renowned for work fluency and agility

Our sheer knowledge in technology let us sagaciously design and develop stunning Silverlight Business apps which are highly appreciable

Best Quality & Fast Streaming Videos

With the control of this framework, our team can incorporate quality videos on your website that your users can’t experience anywhere else apart from your application. Known for creating dramatic applications just as your business requirements.

Together Operation of Apps & Graphics

The prospective capability of XAML let our developers and designers accomplish mutual functions of apps and graphics. Our pool of talented developers makes outstanding user interfaces, graphics, and animations with integrated databases.

High Quality and Flexibility

An experience experienced team of SilverLight developers can combine both the technologies with your presented applications developed. Our SilverLight Application Development is known for its ultimate quality and high flexibility.

Consistent Source

Recognized as a consistent source to optimize SilverLight Development platform. Our professionals can develop your application faster than any other can do. Believing in serving trustable solution to our esteemed clients.

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