Seeing the World through Google Lens: the Inside Story

Since the rise of mobile app development as an industry, Google along with Apple have been the pioneers of it and have been instrumental in bringing out major innovation. As Google I/O 2017 was round the corner, anticipations were high regarding the new announcements and as usual, Google didn’t disappoint us at all. Rather than going overboard, Google relied on the basic things that mattered and the revelations were related to the developers and the users rather than pleasing the press.
Google Lens

Among all the major announcements, the updated version of Google Lens was the eye catcher along with Google Assistant, Android Studio 3.0 and Kotlin, the newly included mobile app programming language. With Google Lens, the tech giant has made its intentions clear of using the “AI first” technology so as to embrace the future upcoming technologies.

Google Lens is an Artificial Intelligence powered technology that will allow your smartphone camera to do amazing things. With machine learning, it can not only detect an object but also can process the surrounding to see and find what it offers or even take certain actions on the basis of what it sees. The set of vision-based computer capabilities of Google Lens will show up on Google Assistant as well as on Google Photos.

Therefore, it is apt to dug in deep and see the inside story behind Google Lens.

The Core Functions

The super powered vision of Google Lens is similar to Samsung’s Bixby vision which was launched at the release of Galaxy S8. It will ensure the user to know and be educated about the thing or place that they are looking/pointing at using their smartphone camera and also keep them updated about the surroundings. For example, if the user is looking at a nearby restaurant, the camera with the help of Google Assistant will check in all the possible options in the nearby area and will also give the information related to that particular food outlet. Now for instance, if you are looking at a flower and don’t know what it is, Google Lens will help you find out every detail about it but by just focusing on it.

The realtime usage of the technology can be enhanced in numerous ways for various industries. Another thing that Google Lens can do is take a picture of the SSID sticker which is on the back of the router and will automatically connect your phone with it by scanning the password.

Integration of Google Lens

The implementation of Google Lens provided more depth with Google Assistant as well as Google Photos in order to give a perfect experience to the users.

Integration with Google Assistant, the user just has to tap on the Google Lens icon and point their smartphone camera towards the object and all the information about it. Other than this, the users would be present a plethora of options in the view finder that could redirect them to their songs section or marking the calendar while attaining the information about the object. This utility will make the Google Lens more comprehensive and much more than just another ‘AI Gimmick’.

Amalgamation with Google Photos would be utter fantastic for the users as it will help them to identify the landmarks, historical places or places to visit with ease and that too with detailed specification. Now, as it will direct the customers to their destined places it would be handy for solo travelers and for the people who are new in a particular city. Be it a modern piece of art or anything that has come up in recent times, Google Lens with its vast database will be at your service to the core.

Including Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will become very handy for Google Lens as it will allow the users to get the full in-depth knowledge of the substance that they are looking. It will also assist them as a companion and guide through different places with an intelligent photo recognition technology. AI technology will let Google Lens trigger intelligent response to all the queries and provide real time feedback to it. The reviews and suggestions obtained by the customer will be helpful for them in the long run and also increase their access to the surroundings.

Mobile app development has certainly traveled a long way since it first came into existence and its redefining itself to the core by the day. The introduction of Google Lens is one firm step in this direction and is likely to pave way for more such innovations. Inclusion of AI and Google Assistant will provide the users a top grade app experience and also withhold all their necessary and vital data together to make it easier for their next usage.


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