PhoneGap App Development

Highly smart exclusive PhoneGap app for multiple platforms and devices developed topping all your requirements

Cutting-Edge PhoneGap Apps with Cross-Platform Compatibility

PhoneGap applications developed by Prismetric facilitate cross-platform compatibility using CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Harnessing extensive expertise in PhoneGap open source framework and latest technology advancement, we provide tailored cross-platform mobile apps with fully tested by our QA team that meet varying business needs. Our highly experienced PhoneGap developers create visually-appealing and functional mobile applications that seamlessly work across different mobile devices and operating systems. We have expertise developing PhoneGap cross-platform applications in the field of retail, healthcare and lifestyle, business, social networking, travel and tourism, and entertainment.


Robust and Intuitive Apps with Smart Features

PhoneGap apps developed by Prismetric support multiple mobile operating systems with single code base. Being an open-source framework, there is no cost involved in PhoneGap application development. With a multi-platform approach and accessibility to native features, we develop apps that support Geo location, accelerometer, vibration, contacts, photos, offline storage and more. The apps has integrated PhoneGap AIR simulator that facilitates quick and easy testing.


Dedicated PhoneGap Application Development Team

We boast a team of dynamic and committed PhoneGap developers who have the skill to harness native capabilities to create applications that run on multiple platforms using only a single source code. Web technologies like JavaScript, CSS and HTML are reused to build highly scalable and robust mobile applications using PhoneGap. Our team of developers offers custom PhoneGap application development services for multiple mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. Specialized services are also offered to customize, integrate, install, and implement PhoneGap apps that deliver

Experience our perfection in developing wonderful PhoneGap Hybrid apps packing all your needs

Exceptional PhoneGap App Development reframing businesses technologically efficient on multiple devices

Cross-Platform Expertise

With a huge experience in web technology, particularly with HTML and CSS, which are the backbone of PhoneGap App Development, allows us to develop hybrid apps actually for the varied platforms.

Apps across the Genres

No matter you require a mobile commerce hybrid app, an educational app or a music app; known to proven our determination across the varied genres, while developing PhoneGap apps to improve UX.

Native-Like Experience

With an ability to make the most out of PhoneGap APIs, that are excellent in offering native app-like experience to the app users, it helps to add a desired flow to the app by preserving the qualities of a friendly interface.

Expert Developers

With a principle that ‘deliver nothing less than the best’. And, our highly brilliant pool of PhoneGap app developers possesses unrivaled knowledge and years of experience, essential to offer feature-rich PhoneGap apps.

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