Ocean of changes in Automobile Industry by Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has proved its worth and supremacy in various industries as it is highly agile, authentic and trustworthy. Studies show that on an average, a smartphone consumer spend more than 3 hours on their device not for making calls, but to use the ever engaging mobile apps and other features. Expansion in technology has changed the usage of mobile phones and has made them the companions.

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Mobile technology has influenced almost every industry in the business market and the world of Automobile industry is of no exception. According to the research and studies done by GSMA, by the year 2025, all the newly manufactured and designed cars would have mobile technology. Mobile technology will be instrumental in enhancing the in-car features and functionality giving the customers value for their money.

Every automobile manufacturer would either need to have an in-house team of developers or hire a top automotive software development company.

Looking at the revolution, it is quite inevitable that the future of these moving machines will be created around the revolutionary gadgets and electronic instruments.

One can find opportunities in development of software for automobile industry and be a part of the future changes in automotive industry.

Let us briefly look at the changes that mobile technology has brought in the automobile industry;

Expansion with Multi-Channel Research

Mobile Technology presents a vast number of tools and information sites that will help the auto dealers to do authentic research before they make purchases or do any kind of dealing. They can touch multiple points and operate from N number of devices so as to obtain the perfect information before making any subsequent move.

Researches shows that the multi platform search given by mobile technology drives two times correct profound estimation than those who are not using it. Dealers now in the automobile industry are more prepared, enhanced and recognize the value of mobile presence in their scheme of things right up to marketing and even after that. This will also grow their potential customer interaction, helping them to close more deals.

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Advanced Performances

We all know that technology innovation has played a pivotal role in uplifting the automobile industry. The mobile apps have forced relentless rapid innovation, have set frameworks and will be the breakthrough for advancements in years to come. Mobile technology is also helpful in improvised testing and also centralizing the process in which the auto tech experts go about their works.

With mobile technology, the heavy and bulky processes of the automobile industry can be micro sized and configured to quickly record, process and share the data with ease. In this manner, handling the tedious task will be easier and the employees can share their workload properly while simultaneously improving the efficiency.

Reliability on Mobile Technology

Mobile devices are the only wireless off-board devices that are accepted by the automobile manufacturers. Integrating the mobile tech in the automobile requires a unique approach and also develops active safety system for the automobile. The mobile devices provide GPS input, radar sensor, LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and other optical sensors, so that any kind of mishap can be avoided.

By including the NFC, many key features can be added to the high end automobiles and make them even more impeccable in function.

  1. Diagnosing a problem: With NFC in the car, it will also have a smartphone slot to use this feature. In this, the driver does not have to wait for the mechanic as the smartphone will diagnose the problem in the car automatically.
  2. Customization: NFC also provides a special feature for the driver to have personal settings andadjust his seat and steering wheel settings. This will make the process of driving easy for the user.
  3. Entry and ignition : Accessing car through RF devices is too old and outdated. With the latest mobile technology, the driver will need to move the smartphone closer to the door’s handle and the handle on receiving the signal from the phone will open the door.

Enhancing the customer experience:

There is no doubt about the fact that the present generation of the automobile users is addicted to their mobile devices. Also, according to Nielson, over 60% of the consumers expect in-car connectivity so that the usage of smartphones is not interrupted. Therefore, this trends leads to customers expecting a seamless brand experience via all the available channels.

Therefore, an Automobile manufacturer providing helpful mobile apps and optimized sites will see a tremendous rise in their sales with improved customer loyalty and retention. Also with mobile technology, the automobile industry can provide authentic service center experience to their customers.

Mobile integrations will notify the customers when they are due for a regular maintenance for their vehicles and can also provide them special offers. The level of integration will define the level of customer loyalty and retention for the automobile industry.

Closing In:

It is imperative for the automobile industry to include the services of mobile technology so as to sustain and grow them in this high-profile tech obsessed world. Also, the mobile technology will combine some innovative and highly effective methods so as to upscale the process of technology expansion and also enhance the customer experience. Mobile technology presents exciting opportunities for the automobile industry so that they can rope in more customers and go about their work more authentically.

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