How food business can boost productivity and brand with a Mobile App?

If watches are worth a dime using mobile apps to dine is the new mantra on which the food and beverage industry work in this technology-driven realm. As per the current scenario, the entire planet is all about mobile and mobile is all about apps. People use their smartphones for almost everything nowadays, right from ticket booking to traveling to shopping; apps cover almost every genre of our day-to-day life.

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In the case of food businesses, mobile apps have brought a major revolution for them. Gone are the days when people had to wait in queue with paper menus in their hands. Stats reveal the same thing, more than 2/3rd (67%) of the customers order food online through mobile apps.

Therefore, it’s a necessity for food businesses to have their own website and if need be also build their own food delivery mobile app. Not only does this expands their business horizons, but also helps them boost their productivity at a rapid rate. Customer service is all about convenience and integrating your food business with apps but also enhances branding and sales.

There are various ways in which having a mobile app can boost your productivity. Let’s have a quick look at some of the top most methods.

Booking and Ordering Food online

With the hectic schedule and stringent time availability, people make instant plans to meet or hangout with their loved ones. And, we all know that food unites people, therefore having an app for your food outlet can enable your customer to book directly from their place without any fuss.

This will help your customer to go through your menu in the most simple way and can book and order food at their convenient place and time. To maximize the opportunity, you as a food business should opt for mobile app development services and reach out to your customers in a more personalized manner.

Apart from making your own app, register your food outlet on food discovery apps like Foodiv, Zomato, Food Panda, etc. Registering on these can expand your viewership and customer horizon and make your business more credible and visible. In addition to that, you can use the rating and reviews provided on the food discovery apps on your own website and app as well.

Food outlets should understand the psychology behind creating a mobile app as the person tends to order more when they see the whole menu at their disposal and discounts on each meal along with an extended list of services offered in detail.

Easing out the payment process for your food business

By integrating payment gateways like Apple Pay, Paytm, etc. you can enhance the much tedious payment process for your customers. These cloud-based technology integrates mobile wallet technology into your app and a QR code scan at your app’s POS completes the process of payment. Moreover, you can enhance the user experience with amazing graphics at your payment mode and can also link credit card payment for prepayment.

To provide a new dimension to payment modes, you can also give deal coupons and nutrition facts to increase your brand’s followers. If you are looking for some innovative inspiration, take a leaf out of McDonald’s cap and offer a one-click payment feature to your customers using credit cards as well as payment gateways.

Therefore, a mobile app-enabled payment gateway can provide smooth money transfers and can be a vital ingredient in your customer loyalty and retention process.

Augmented Reality for food business increases UI & UX

AR is the buzzword nowadays. It has made its presence felt in almost every possible business sector and given promising results. By using Augmented Reality in your app, you can provide amazing 3D views of food menus that will glorify their viewing.

Augmented reality provides a very good addition to an app with interesting games and to leverage more from this technology, designing games related to your food items including the outlet’s specialty and other interesting aspects. Therefore, such games will keep your customer engaged while waiting for their order. Providing the customers with interesting deals or coupons if they can crack a certain level or aspect of the game makes the whole thing a little more interesting.

These innovative things with AR will help in Word of Mouth publicity of your outlet and increase customer walk-ins eventually increasing productivity.

Reintegrate your Promotion strategy for food business

Apps can be the optimum catalyst that is needed to pace up and synchronize your promotion strategies. The food industry can be immensely benefited by iBeacon and Push Notifications strategies which will keep their customer constantly updated with the know-how of their favorite food outlet.

For instance, start your promotional strategy with a giveaway whether a sample or product. These will help in gathering a little crowd for your app and will also increase the reviews. Take those reviews constructively and further conduct online contests with the latest food trend related to your app and convince your customers to participate in it. Allow the contest winner special discounts and booking offers through the app so as to make your contest a rage among the viewers.

At the end of each of your food demonstrations, include a tag of “Tell a friend”. This enthralling way of Word of Mouth marketing will help in increasing your customers and will also help in increasing customer loyalty.

If you are targeting a particular section or area or age group, make special amendments for them. This will heed your attention to their requirements and will help in building strong customer relations. Engaging promotional strategy can be the center stone to your productivity and brand building of the food app.

Food Business Inventory Management

We all know that resources and stock management is the most important thing in the food business. The many customized version of the mobile app are designed for the varying requirements of wholesalers and retailers that aim to deliver real-time food ingredients.

A mobile app can incorporate a basic task list without the tedious paperwork and makes it easier to check material levels, manage orders and process payments. Moreover, with a mobile app you can have a deep insight and analyze the daily activities which gradually can boost your food business’s productivity.

Closing thoughts
We can’t deny the importance of mobile in our daily life and cannot imagine it without our beloved smartphones. People use their smartphones for a wider range of activities. Therefore, it is better to build a mobile app for food and beverage industry so as to increase productivity, decrease mistakes, improve the quality of services provided and maintain consistency.

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