iBeacon App Development

We will pack your ideas better as an iBeacon app to reach the right group through BLE

Our prudent iBeacon app development show you a new phase in a promotion

iBeacon offers the simplest yet most effective scenario. With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), communication becomes easier. It primarily comprises of advertisements or little data packets, to broadcast at frequent intervals by BLE enabled devices through radio waves. As per standards, iBeacon requires an optimal broadcast frequency of 100 ms. However, it is possible to broadcast more frequently, but it consumes more battery life. Nonetheless, it allows quicker discovery by devices, including smartphones. A standard BLE maintains up to 100 ms broadcast range, which makes beacons perfect for proximity as well as indoor location marketing.


Why should you choose Prismetric for iBeacon services?

Prismetric is a leading app development company believing in combing latest technologies with enhanced user experience to deliver customized solutions for iBeacon app development. Our proficient team of well-trained iBeacon app developers possesses in-depth knowledge and understanding of Low Energy Bluetooth. Our goal is to create, customize, and deliver highly targeted, proximity-based content to match business requirements. We aim to be your trusted iBeacon app development company. Hire our iBeacon experts to build and deliver highly targeted and proximity based contents through mobile apps.


Different Variations in App Development with iBeacon

We have expert iBeacon app developers with core expertise and perfect app strategy in developing mobile apps like payment solutions, interactive apps, health-related apps, push notification apps, travel apps, and proximity based shopping apps Retailers are, obviously, the most frequent iBeacon users to send a message when their customer enters the store and at times along with the coupons further adding to the customer experience. iBeacon can be a great solution for location based shows and events as a solution for communicating point-to-point information and sales promotion. Furthermore, in public transportation, airport, restaurants and bars, and museums, beacons can enhance experience via interactivity and communication.


Harness the Power of iBeacon App Development

We offer tailored solutions for iBeacon app development to a user for a better experience, communication, and interactivity. With iBeacon solutions by us, you can expect the better accuracy of proximity and location, which is the key factor. We aim to provide effective iBeacon services with different variations of app development. It also enhances experiences of visitors coming to your store or looking for your store online. iBeacon by Apple comes with new and improved privacy features. It also offers standard integrity features to ensure users can enjoy a seamless experience. There is no doubt that the technology has remarkable usability feature and is highly affordable too.


Why should you choose Prismetric for iBeacon services?

Drive your customers more proficiently & beat competition with amazing iBeacon Apps

Offer Value-Added Experience

iBeacon apps give an excellent and advanced level of personalization and user experience to connect with nearby devices. Hence they are ideal for one to one user communication

Provides Real-Time Notifications

When users enter the store they get push notices about the offers at the time they are in the range of the beacon. This app found to be a cost-effective solution

Facilitates Mobile Payments

Recognized for developing iBeacon apps for smooth payments, as the app started cashless payments. The initiative behind the solution is to make payments as easy as likely

Custom iBeacon App Solutions

Well-known for offering high quality customized and tailored iBeacon application development services & solutions. Our iBeacon apps deliver the best user experience

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