How a Mobile App Can Help an Insurance Agency Serve Its Customers Better

Whether your customers want to check for a newly introduced policy, report for property damage or accident, share details of belongings and proofs to your insurance company, search for a nearest auto repair shop, trace the claim status or chat with your company’s customer support executive, a mobile insurance app can allow your valued customers to do these all and a lot more by making a few taps on their Smartphones.

Mobile App can help Insurance Agency serve its Customers better

If you are an insurance company, the importance of higher customer engagement, improved customer satisfaction and more contact channels with customers is beyond question. Today, about half of the world’s total population owns a Smartphone or a tablet. And, the penetration of Smartphones will further increase dramatically in the coming three years, says the digital experts.

Having said that, it is easy to understand why the insurance sector, in both emerging as well as developed economies, is quickly catching the tech bandwagon of embracing mobile technology, rather mobile app to be specific, as a part of their growth and survival strategy. Constant innovation and advancement in mobile technology and wireless services play a crucial role in the faster adoption of mobile apps in the insurance industry.

How a mobile insurance app can benefit your customers

  • They can ask for a policy quote anytime and from anywhere by simply using their handset
  • They can store their personal credentials on own and access their policy information anytime by logging into their account. Account management can be simplified with a mobile insurance app.
  • They can submit claims with video, photos and/or written notes. This eliminates the need for agents to visit the site in person in every case.
  • They can tap on the GPS feature within your app to search direction of your company office. A mobile insurance app will provide your customers with a one-touch-contact in emergency needs.
  • They can also use the app to pay bills, request certificate, request policy change or seek answers faster anytime on the go

A mobile insurance app will provide your customers with more convenience, flexibility and speed – what today’s digital customers demand!

How a mobile insurance app will benefit your company and agents

  • It will enable your mobile staff, agents, see the latest updates and most up-to-date information of clients while serving the customers outside the company premises
  • It will also enable you to send any number of push notification messages to your clients directly to their mobile phones. Meaning you can service clients much faster. In-app notifications can help boost customer engagement too.
  • It helps to build a powerful sharing and referral network that help draw in new clients and increase company’s ROI
  • It can be successfully integrated with the backend software system so you can fetch most recent data from app dashboard quickly and easily. This helps to ensure world-class sales support and customer service.
  • It helps lower the number of physical trips and need of phone calls.
  • It also helps eliminate paperwork
  • Leveraging advanced app analytics tools, you can have instant access to most accurate and detailed information of clients; this can help you suggest a right product to the right client.

Overall, a mobile insurance app can streamline your business operations and transactions, increase productivity, simplify the claim processing, expand client base and help establish a deeper relationship with clients.


A mobile app can be tremendously beneficial to the insurance company, agents and customers. Your target audience and potential customers are spending a really good amount of their time on their mobile phones, whether they are at home or any other place. Isn’t it a right time to launch your mobile insurance app? Or you want to wait till your market competition grabs the customers’ attention?

Hurry up and make your insurance services available at your clients’ fingertips! Shall you need to learn more about custom mobile app development, we’re just a call away!

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