Guard yourself if not then prepare for Consequences: WordPress updates

We all know that change is not appealing to everyone, but it is something inevitable. The same thing transpires into the tech world especially related to mobile and web apps. Taking the above sentence into consideration, let us talk about WordPress, a web publishing Content Management System (CMS) that found many takers for publishing their blogs and maintaining them on the Internet. Now, if you are not entirely familiar with WordPress, let me tell you that it is an Open Source CMS that contains 1/4th of all the websites on Internet.

Wordpress updates

The main benefit of WordPress being an Open Source is that it is and can be continuously updated by the developers around the world. These continuous upgrades render a smoother and bug-free experience to the users. Also with the sequential and constant updates, it becomes an utmost necessity to keep your website up-to-date with the latest version so as to avail all the related benefits that are embedded with the latest updates. The latest plugins and versions installed on your site will give a more immersive and intuitive experience of using WordPress.

There are myths and fake ideas about installing the updates for WordPress plugins and themes, but the reality is far better and smoother than the one sighted by the customers when it comes to using the genuine and trusted ones.

Let us now dug deep and understand the need to update regularly to the latest version of WordPress;

Enhancing the security

It is a hand down an agreeable statement that security enhancement is one of the most probable reasons why you should opt for regular updates of WordPress. As per the stats, over 20% of all the websites are based on WordPress and due to its immense popularity, it is always on the radar of the hackers. Malicious data distribution and theft of data are some of the things done by the hackers to slow down the process of the site.

As it is an open source, anyone around can study it and improve the structure based on their requirements. It also means that even the hackers can take out a leaf or two and break into the website illegally. But, the good thing is that not all the hackers are bad that means the security experts continuously look into the codes and report the bugs in order to fix them.

Updates will also have a positive effect in patching up the security vulnerabilities and strengthening it against any kind of attacks. Stats show that about 83% of the WordPress sites are not updated regularly which leaves enough room for the bugs to tether in and hinder the process on the whole. Therefore, regular WordPress updates are very necessary.

Greater Speed

With each update, WordPress developers try their level best to make things more accessible and logical than before. Each of the new releases and updates comes out with several performance improvements that help in making WordPress more efficient and reliable.

Let us understand it with an example; WordPress 4.1 had improvements such as solving complex queries to elevate the performance of the site. The previous version, WordPress 3.9 included performance advancement by TinyMCE. Plugins also get updated to their advanced versions to speed up the scripts and run more smoothly.

In addition to this, a speed of the site is an impactful factor when it comes to SEO. Therefore, the version of WordPress needs to be updated regularly in order to ensure the maximum possible benefits for your site to perform at its best.

Eye Catchy Features

Updating to the latest version of WordPress will enable you to take the full advantage of the new and freshly formed features and specifications such as improved UX designs, etc. Also, the users will be able to access the WordPress dashboard on the desktop or tablet or mobile making it even easier to update the website.

Each of the WordPress updates comes with cool features that change the software altogether. For example, we have seen improved plugin installs, enhanced inline image editing and faster plugin updates.

Using WordPress in the older versions is quite different from the latest, as the old one doesn’t hold the zeal and spark as compared to the new versions.

Fixing the Bugs

Despite the cautious efforts of the developers and rigorous testing methods, there are times when some bugs might slip through the cracks. That is why it is essential to update with the timely releases to counter these minor problems.

Whether you go to any WordPress forums about asking for help or contact any WordPress expert you personally know, the first thing they would tell you will be to update the version if it is not, before checking for various aspects about fixing the bugs.

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The Dire Circumstances

In a recent case that happened last week, WordPress sites that haven’t been updated to 4.7.2 were under attack as hacking groups were conducting mass defacement programs. The attacks were so severe that the number of affected websites reached almost 3000 per day. Until last week almost 67000 websites have been defaced.


Now we know the importance of regular upgrading of WordPress. Moreover, it should always be kept in mind to take a backup before updating to a new version so as to ensure that you have all your vital files and database available with you just in case something goes wrong while updating. Apart from increasing the speed and efficiency, the updates will make the procedure of working on the website even easier to a better flow of required aspects.

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