Google Assistant providing astounding impetus to App Development

Mobile app development is touching new heights with every given day and is giving the users to look at something new. The upcoming technologies have also been the igniting fuel and the guiding light for better customer experience and reinventing mobile app development process.

Google Assistant


Seizing on the opportunity, tech giant Google has recently launched a new updated version of its AI (Artificial Intelligence) and has set the eyeballs rolling in the world of app development. And what’s more interesting is that it gives the app developers a new chance to build some immaculate apps that would be capable of using the Google Assistant in its newest incarnation.

Google is always known for its enormous efficiency and bringing out the best possible collation of technology for mobile apps from its developers and has announced just that in I/O 2017. The newest app development platform will help the developers to build mind-blowing apps and adding to it will be the in which they can use Google Assistant with proper efficiency.

As the effectiveness of app development will increase, so will be the user experience of the customer. Let us head to the scheme of things and look into the details about the new outcomes.

The rise and rise of apps

Mobile apps are on such a roller coaster ride that is heading longitudinally in just one direction, which is upwards. This is because of the constant evolution and the inclusion of new technologies such as AI, AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and much more. The integration of this technology has brought in a new ray of hope for the developers as well as for the app development organizations. The app developers can now freely express them and build apps that are useful in the long run.

With Google Assistant, the apps would be intuitive and would interact with the customers in a more authentic manner. It will analyze and understand the emotions of the users and guide them to their destination without any fuss. Mobile apps integrating Google Assistant will have all the privileges of using the most sought after technologies in the modern day world.

Providing Greater Efficiency

As mobile app development has reached the newer destination, it is obvious that the standard of rendering services with efficiency has also increased. The new age mobile apps are competent and capable enough of working with any given platform according to the compatibility and stand to cater the best possible results. The apps integrated with Google Assistant will understand the customer queries better and thus provide more related results or carry out the specific task for them. For example, if Google Assistant is used with an app that provides details about the nearby eatery locations, it would give an extended and enhanced view of the locations that will comprise of everything from head to toe.

Ideate, execute and innovate would be the three strong pillars that will give the modern age mobile app development the lift and raise the standards. And, as the assistant is not bound to a specific platform, the apps can go for a larger customer base with more competent and effective efficiencies.

Executing the Plans

Here comes the real deal with Google Assistant. In earlier times, the probability of the occurrence of fault or error, while decoding the instruction provided by the users was high, but not anymore. With the ever increasing technology usage, the mobile apps have become smart enough to execute the desired instruction by the users. It is an important aspect that the mobile app must not hang or do badly when it is needed the most.

Mobile apps would get a definite push by involving Google Assistant in the major scheme of things and the customers would relish using it. Apart from making worthy apps for the future, it will also enable the mobile app developers to upgrade their careers big time as it will present a plethora of opportunities.

Increased Security

Data security was and has been the vital factor in making a mobile app record breaking in its genre. The more satisfied the users are with the security system of the mobile app, the more they are likely to use it.

A secured data platform is instrumental in roping in more number of customers and increases the ROI for the business. A mobile app development service provider should be able the apps that have layers of security and encrypted data. Google Assistant would keep all the data in a synchronized manner so that it can be used as and when needed and doesn’t require anything additional.


Mobile apps have become an inseparable part of the new age world and it is necessary for the app developers to understand it and develop the apps accordingly. The inclusion of Google assistant would give it a whole new dimension to the apps and take it to a whole new dimension.

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