The Essence of Augmented Reality in User Experience

It’s been more than two decades, yes folks two decades, since we first heard about Augmented Reality. Along with Virtual Reality (VR), AR was also a technology which is there from the beginning of the 90’s, but got its due only recently. Popular gaming app PokemonGo as we all know has been instrumental in reviving AR technology and making the business organizations realize the actual authenticity and usefulness of this new age mobile tech.

Augmented Reality

The evolution of mobile technology has brought forward unforeseen changes in every aspect of the mobile apps and among these, design has proven to be the most important one. User experience by far can be hailed as the first line of interaction between the mobile app and the customers. It includes everything from the outer presentation to the core backend work. Icon design, a flow of the app, eye-catching features distributed aptly is some of the attributes that are considered under user experience.

The inclusion of Augmented Reality will give a huge boost to app design as it will include things that will hold and captivate the users for longer periods of time thus increasing the customer retention rate. We all are aware of the importance of having a strong user base for a successful mobile app.

Therefore, let us see the essence of AR tech in User Experience.

Giving the Real-Time Feedback

The core logic behind AR technology is connecting the real world to the digital world with the minimum amount of layoff. AR technology enabled dashboards to give real-time simulation to the users so that they could leverage all the benefits rendered by the technology.

The real-time feedback will help not only the customers but the companies as well so that they can bring necessary changes to the app in their next version. The real-time feedback also assures the users that the work that they are doing on the mobile app is on track and can visualize the changes and thus think better about the changes needed. The reaction from the users would be priceless for the companies to level up and put forward their top-class game every time.

Enhancing the Customer Conversion Rate

Customer conversion rate depends heavily on the services your mobile app provides and your company’s branding. Integration of Augmented Reality would give your company a much-needed edge over the surrounding competition and will list you in the good books of the customers. Customer loyalty is the key to every revenue generation and Augmented Reality while keeping the core process intact will add the fun quotient also.

As the user interaction will become more interactive, they spend increased amount of time on the mobile app. The inclusion of AR will also allow a greater room for giving personalized experience to the customers and propel them to go out for more products. The user interface will become more accessible so that the ease of using the mobile app will increase. AR has a happy knack of connecting the digital things with the real world and this will play an important role in boosting up the customer retention and conversion rate.

Customizing UX

Now here comes the real deal of the integration of mobile technology. Personalized, well thought out and processed user experience is utterly necessary for a mobile app so that the mobile apps can get into the mind of the users when they think certain things. For example, if you have an E-commerce app along with Augmented Reality, the customer will consider it as their very first option before moving towards other. In doing so, it gives your app to put the best show forward and make sure that the customer is impressed right with FTUE (First Time User Experience).

Researchers also agree on the fact that the more detailed and soothing the user experience is, the more is the possibility of making the customer addicted in the correct sense to your mobile app.

Making the Mobile app design more prolific

Not only does AR technology make the mobile app design more visually appealing, it also makes it comprehensive so that it can accumulate a number of things. Moreover, it can help to speed up the work process and also act as a learning tool for the organizations. For example, car manufacturers can use AR and create amazing manuals about the specifications and features of the car so as to make the potential customers their buyers. They can assemble all things into one and showcase a fully-fledged scenario related to the real world.

Thus the method can help in shortening the sales cycle to a great extent and give the organizations more time on doing other worthwhile things.


Augmented Reality is although taking baby steps in the world of mobile technology and is making serious inroads too as far as user experience is concerned. Realizing this, tech giant Google has also taken into account and introduced Google Lens that would allow profound implications to the user, be it understanding the text messages or going through the notifications. The remarkable UX designs are roping in more customers while the top Augmented Reality app development company like Prismetric, is giving them a chance to increase their ROIs. AR technology is all about making the user’s experience immersive in that very moment while using the mobile app and in turn converting the whole process to be useful and enjoyable.

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