Developing an iPhone App?Don’t Make These 6 Can’t-Afford Mistakes

Since its first release in the year 2007, iPhone is the crown-jewel of the world of smartphones. It has been a revolutionary device that has changed the use and applications of mobile phone tremendously. With the growing number of iPhone users all across the world, the iPhone app developers are polishing their skills and updating their knowledge to provide the iPhone users with the best of the time and innovative apps.

The rise in the demand and popularity of iPhone apps is inspiring many techies to become iPhone app developers. No matter if we talk about business apps, social media apps, entertaining gaming apps or a utility apps, iPhone apps are certainly ruling the market. According to some experts, this will upsurge in the upcoming years.

Avoid Mistakes

You probably have heard of the success stories of iPhone apps like Angry Bird and Pinterest, but we can’t overlook on the fact that a large number of iPhone applications that struggle to get even two digit of download figure. The experts have found some similarities in all the unsuccessful apps. They call it the most common mistakes of iPhone app development.

So, if you are planning to develop an iPhone app of own? Avoid these 6 common mistakes.

1.      Going overboard in what your app can offer

Haven’t you heard of a proverb saying, too many cooks spoil the broth? The same thing applies to iPhone app development project too. Often the first-time app developers use many plugins and tools to make their app looks better. However, the excessive use of tools can make your app complex leaving a negative impact on users. It is wise to keep your app simple yet attractive with the right amount of features.

2.     Inappropriate Resolution

Mostly the UI design is considered as the key factor to measure the winning potential of an iPhone app. And the retina display technology of iOS can bring in peerless visual experience for the users, which in turn draw in numerous opportunities for the app developers. A high definition UI with appropriate resolution can help attract the visitors to your app and increase the number of downloads.

Make sure you don’t take extra high resolution graphics when not necessary; the iPhone screens are smaller and such large size graphics may slow down the app which can lead to annoying user experience. Determining these technical parameters need the right knowledge and ample experience in iPhone apps development.

3.     Multitasking

If you are developing a gaming app, integrating business app features into it doesn’t make sense. You can’t just embrace all in one just to save money or time. Instead it is wise to stick to one purpose or offering. Going off the genre will kill the chances of your app’s success.

4.     Overlooking the importance of social media

Dig up the internet to learn why integrating social media into your mobile app has become the need of the hour. Social media integration will allow you to spread the good word, attract more users and boost your app’s popularity.

5.     Neglecting the choice of OS by targeted niche

First of all, make sure you know who is the targeted audience of your app. Then, perform a study or conduct a survey to know which OS your prospects are using. You may avoid investing in Android app development if about 80% of your targeted niche is using iPhone.

6.     No goal!

Not because your market competition has launched an app or there is so much buzz of iPhone application development that you should decide to build an iPhone app of own too. You need to define the goal or purpose of your app that how it can help your business or brand.

To wrap up, make sure you don’t make anyone these 6 mistakes in order to see the best results of your iPhone app development. For any query, concern or information about iPhone application development, feel free to contact us. Our iPhone app developers are capable of delivering bestselling apps that showcase our skills, qualification, and knowledge. The iPhone app we create are guaranteed to meet your business needs.

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