A Comprehensive Solution: Lean mobile apps providing the impetus productivity

Mobile app development has traveled a long way since its inception and now paving new ways to improve productivity for a business in addition to further business development. The new-age business world has progressed so far that now it needs mobile apps that are multidimensional without being bulky. By saying not bulky I mean the mobile apps should be leaner without compromising on the quality and assertive of the features.

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We as a premier company for mobile app development services keenly build such apps that take lesser time to respond and dwell well in any given conditions. Be it responding to a user instruction or updating to a newer, updated version from time to time, lean mobile apps cover every forte of mobile app development in a comprehensive and authentic fashion.

In an era when app components need regular optimization, there are chances that apps that are bulkier in size might not get the same share of the market as compared to lean mobile apps.

Why outsourcing mobile app development is more beneficial?

Let us understand it in a more detailed manner.

Removing irrelevant colors

Adding irrelevant colors of the same PNGs and dimensions just to show the vibrancy of the mobile app would do no good and will just increase the size of the app making it bulkier in size. In earlier times, mobile designers would need to add multiple layers of similar codes for color variations which were complex and difficult to maintain.

With the advent of Android app development about half a decade back, PNG was replaced by SVG and these newly improved SVG revamped the color systems and replaced all the PNGs.

Adding SVG would help the mobile app developers to reduce the size of the app by 800KB to 1MB without compromising on the quality and the specification of the app. This goes a long way in improving the overall functionality of the app, further, it helps to change the color of the app at runtime and that too at multiple places without slowing down the speed.

Making App evolution faster

In the present era of rapid technological evolution, it’s not about being big for survival; it’s about being the fastest. It is a simple cycle of events if watched closely. The sooner the mobile app is developed, without any major defects, the faster it can be deployed in the market to receive feedback and incorporate the next iteration.

With lean mobile apps, app development companies can deploy “just-in-time” app development ideology which can be vital in recognizing the specific app requirements. The app developers would have time to divide and organize the task according to the customer needs. The app development team can also rope in new designs and features into the lean mobile app as it is less complex to integrate and deploy for the end users.

Eliminating the unused sources

App productivity is the most important criterion based on which the future of mobile apps is decided. If the mobile app is not productive according to the customer requirements, it would have lesser customer interaction and an even lesser chance of engaging and retaining the customer. For this, the developers need to remove the unused resources that would increase the mobile app compilation time and also increase their response time.

The app development team should always be on the look of having extremely powerful tools that optimize and shrinks the APK size of the mobile app by detecting the snippets of the codes that are not used frequently.

The tools would potentially drive out the codes that are not required making the mobile app leaner and more useful for the customers.

Apart from having a radically reduced size, leaner mobile apps have aptly bifurcated class fields and interfaces that would further make app coding simpler, thus increasing productivity.

Giving a whole new dimension

The intuitiveness of the lean mobile app becomes its biggest USP.  Design guidelines for a catchy UI/UX app design that is more responsive and focused, and an amazing responsive theme that could drive the companies to better business goals are all the hallmarks of lean mobile apps. Also, it lets the developer identify the list of languages that are being used by the users on a more frequent basis so that there is no need to carry multi-language resources.

Lean mobile apps can get to the heart and minds of the customers thus making a strong user base for them ultimately grading up the user index. Removing the unnecessary things lets the app developers include the things that are more customer friendly and would become handy in the long run.

Closing thoughts

Making the mobile apps lighter increases their run time and induces less or no lag during the whole course of work. In today’s world, the memory space in mobile apps is a cause of concern and thus lean mobile apps would be essential to make the best possible usage of the available space.

Moreover, better specifications can play the deciding role in higher app downloads resulting in increased ranking at the App Store.

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