Busting top 3 myths about iPhone app development

Myth #1: All you need is just a ‘Brilliant app idea’ to make big bucks from iPhone app downloads

Reality: Brilliant idea executed lame will get you nowhere. If you have an app idea that caters to a need, you are half way towards making millions with app downloads. You need expert iPhone developers who can precisely craft your app idea into a flawless app and upload it on the app store under the right app category so that it is found by the right audience.

Myth #2: The only way to make money from iPhone apps is to make them paid

Reality: You can earn from iPhone apps even by keeping them as ‘free apps’. This can happen in two ways. One, you promote your services through the application. Say, you run a saloon and you got a lifestyle app developed that allows users to know which haircut best suits their face type. The app is free to download. Once the user gets to know which haircut suits them most, the app directs them to your saloon. You can even give exclusive offers through the app and get more customers to your salon.

You can also earn by flashing advertisements of other companies in your app. In-app ads are a great way of making big bucks from ‘free’ iPhone games too. Talk to an expert iPhone app development company to know more ways to maximize return from your application.

Myth #3: Custom iPhone development is expensive and takes months

Reality: Getting all the app features just as required within your budget can be challenging. Expert offshore iPhone app development companies are the pocket friendly alternative to pricey in-house app development.

Their experienced iOS developers are adept in intuitive app design and bug-free features, even for iPad app development. With quick app revisions, you can be assured of totally customized app functionalities built to your requirements within your budget and timeframe.

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