Big Data is the key factor in the expansion of the Mobile Gaming Industry

Role of Big Data in escalating mobile gaming industry

Mobile games in recent years have come out of the shadows of being just a leisure entity to being a serious mobile business. Moreover, the rise in technology has also aided the unprecedented rise of mobile gaming with mobile game developers, including technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality in modern mobile games.

Game Development Companies understand that the number of mobile games available on the Play Store or App Store is enormous, and so is the level of competition. Thus it has become inevitable for mobile game developers to come out with constant innovation to stay relevant in the market and thrive in this cut-throat competitive scenario. Big Data Analytics Services will go a long way in helping the companies understand the effective pointers of their game application by giving them an indication of its performance through various indices.

Big Data Analytics will play a crucial role in creating better opportunities by gauging the performance of mobile games as the companies can avail of concrete data analysis directly from the system in real-time. Be it the time spent by the users on your app, the number of downloads received by the app, and the different types of data that can be collected from the players at different stages while playing, the game app owner will have the option to analyze every minute detail in a synchronized manner.

Benefits of Big Data Analytics to grow Mobile Gaming Industry

Let us dive deep and understand the advantages that implementing Big Data effectively at important junctures in a mobile game;

Calculating the User Engagement

By keeping a check on the churn, interaction, and user retention analysis, Big Data can assist the Mobile Game Development Companies in knowing the current rate of user engagement. Big Data Analytics along with artificial intelligence will be a vital tool in analyzing the data and help the companies to track customer behavior in a better manner and make necessary changes in the gaming app. Moreover, the game developers will get to know if the users are facing problems in getting through a certain level of the game. The in-depth analysis of user behavior will let your game developers understand and make changes hence making the mobile game more accessible to the targeted audience.

Big Data analytics will drive the Mobile Game Developers to make better decisions about improving the game app. A well-researched process and better informed mobile game developers are crucial for expanding the gaming app and getting success in the app stores.

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Using Business Intelligence tools in Mobile Gaming

Business Intelligence (BI) tools such as Looker, Tableau, and Google Data Studio provide compatibility to the mobile game development agencies to analyze the collected data and work on it. The usage of BI tools in mobile gaming depends on its present infrastructure. For instance, if your mobile game app needs better compatibility with the cloud platform and a wide range of functionalities, you should opt for Tableau. On the other hand, if you are looking to build an analytical layer on the Google Cloud Platform, you should opt for Google Data Studio as a tool for visualization.

Better visualization of the mobile game will give the developers a more precise idea as to what process they will need to follow in the mobile game app development. Also, as Big Data comes with cloud computing, there is no shortage of space, and the mobile game app development companies can keep the data safe to use it for future causes.

Increasing User Retention

Researches show that it takes more amount of investment from the company to acquire new loyal users as compared to retaining the old ones. Therefore, User Retention becomes a vital factor for companies to measure their success at the app stores in the mobile gaming industry. This is where the process of LTV analysis comes into the picture. Lifetime Value (LTV) analysis can be done with accuracy using Big Data Analytics. This is because the mobile game development companies would have an ample amount of data to gauge how long an average user stays with them and the percentage of customer retention. Moreover, with Machine Learning, the companies can predict, based on historical points that which users are more probably going to leave the gaming app.

Here there is a very thin line of differentiation between the user and the customer. The process of Predictive Analysis becomes more synchronized and easier with Big Data, and LTV gives a clear picture of the customer behavior and their leaving pattern. In addition to user retention, you can get the idea of how much the newly acquired customers will spend on your gaming app. Thus it will help your organization in monetizing the existing userbase and help you save money on media and advertising.

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Personalized Advertisements

One–to-One Marketing can take a big leap for mobile gaming apps with Big Data analytics. Marketers can analyze the mood of the targeted audience based on present and historical data, and grab their attention by giving personalized in-app advertisements. This method will help the marketers to reinvent their campaigns according to the likes and preferences and increase their userbase regularly. Big Data will help the organizations to design a pitch-perfect advertising campaign that will compel the users not only to spend more time on your gaming app but to market it with positive ‘Word of Mouth’ advertisement.

Personalized advertising also increases the gaming app revenue as the users are more inclined to buy the offers through in-app purchases. Moreover, the marketers can keep a constant watch on the changing user behaviors through Big Data and make the changes in the advertisements accordingly.

Providing better Customer Experience through Big Data

Like in every other business realm, customer experience is paramount to excel in your mobile gaming app amidst your peers. Big Data becomes your able ally in this journey and offers prudent data to continually improve your gaming app and increase the level of customer satisfaction. You can do a thorough analysis of the mindset and preferences of your targeted customer and then design the gaming app. Moreover, loads of information available from the data collected during user interactions will help you stay ahead of the competition and bring constant changes as and when required.

The Final Stage

Incorporating Big Data will allow the mobile game app development companies to strategize and put their plan into action in a competent manner. Thus, you can surge ahead in the competitive market with a better analysis of the available data. If you are looking for some quality consultation on Big Data Services we will be glad to help you out. Big Data Analytics solutions we provide will solve all your problems irrespective of the size of your targeted audience or the genre of mobile game you are catering to them.

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