Art of Marketing: Understanding Customer Psychology

No matter how high you fly, the basic rules of the Universe remain the same, the quote reminds us to stick to the roots aptly applies in the field of modern day marketing. To the core, the purpose of marketing is to engage a certain set of audience in order to keep them loyal to the company. In addition, it intends to bring high traffic on the mobile app or website so as to increase the business of the organization.

Understanding Customer Psychology

For any organization to succeed, it is pivotal for them to understand their customers to the core. By understanding customers I mean knowing their buying habits, their decision-making tendency and most importantly, their overall psychology. These simple things will allow your organization to serve the targeted customers in a better manner and clearly understand their desires and need.

Homo sapiens (Human Beings) are derived by emotions. Even the most irrational ones have something tender in their nature that they are curious about. For the mobile app development companies, it’s necessary to know the nature of their targeted customers and do the process of app marketing accordingly. The same thing transpires in the general marketing world. If marketing is carried out in such a manner that triggers the audience, it in-turn helps them to relate with their immediate surroundings and thus adds more vigor to the marketing process.

Therefore, let us roll down and understand the customer psychology in order to foster the art of marketing;

Essence of Customer Psychology

Generally speaking, in the new age business market, it is important to understand the EQ (Emotional Quotient) of the customer. It can be done in different ways according to the product in concern. Many experts believe that marketing strategy that is driven by customer psychology includes everything, right from the demographic area to the educational background of the users. Marketing researches can be done a micro level and would also get to know the sub-cultural trends of the customers.

This reduces the fear and the margin of uncertainty for the marketers and allows them to focus on the things that will enable them to achieve the desired sales feat. It powers you to study your customers from different angles and employ your marketing strategy accordingly. You can easily decide whether to choose the formal or informal approach according to customer requirement and hit their pain points on a frequent basis.

Let us now understand what class of people you get to know with Customer psychology and how it will affect the marketing process:

The Loyalists

The people who tend to relate to thing or a product or a mobile app according to their past experiences can be termed in the league of loyalists. They tend to see the personal bond with the product not just as a benefit but also the base for successful future works. Therefore, for the organizations dealing with such type of customers must give them a description that is backed by personal stories, devoid of the stats, in order to make them feel good and wanted. These people tend to make their buying decisions based on their instincts, rather than going by the facts and analysis.

The loyalists are the prominent personalities of their group; hence it is necessary to woo them as they influence other people on a larger scale. Therefore, the organizations must look in for making the conversations more fruitful to rope in such personalities.

The Friendly Ones

These are warm, amiable people who tend to reach out to people in a calm and subtle manner. These people are bad at decision making as most of their decisions are based on their feelings. Thus, the app marketing process for the friendly ones should contain a proper mixture of mind and matter so that it can urge them to act accordingly. The amiable are not amused by a single call or text, so it must be a gradual building process for them. The app or product should bind their eyes and mind and only then, they will buy it or refer it to their near ones. This genre has creative people and thinkers; so the approach must contain such aspects that touch their sentiments. A similar marketing strategy by HotStar that lead to a whopping increase in the number of downloads is one of the examples of touching the hearts of the customers.

The Data Nazis

At last come the most dreaded ones, the Data Nazis. They think every perspective from the analytic point of view and are very certain about the previous data related to the product or mobile app. The marketing strategy that includes sales pitches or emotions have a very low chance to impress them as their decision-making process is based on their analytic strength. Practical knowledge about the product is their strength to achieve efficiency. Marketing fusion with scientific facts and technology is the way to enter their mind of these types of customers.

The marketers have to do a thorough research in depth to understand the customer psychology and implement it in the marketing strategy. But, this process is worth taking the pain as it enables them to understand the actual personality of the targeted customers and market their product according to it.



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