Why your travel agency needs to build a travel app?

Why your travel agency needs to build a travel app?

‘To travel is to live,

An App for your travel agency business can do wonders…

The travel and tourism industry has emerged as a sunshine sector in the glooming world economy. It was the second-fastest-growing sector in the world, just after manufacturing beating the bigwigs like healthcare and IT.

Important stats on how Travel Industry and technology are related

The travel industry contributed 289 million jobs and $5.81 trillion to the world economy in 2021. These stats have reduced since 2019 when the world was hit by coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Since things have started returning to normalcy in 2022, travel has quickly climbed the priority ladder with the total number of tourist arrivals bouncing back to 917 million in 2022 which has risen from 484.8 million in 2021.

The most exciting group among these prolific travelers is the millennials and Gen Z. According to a report the millennials and GenZ add up to about 23% of the total population worldwide and have been revolutionizing the tours and travel industry. This shift in mentality regarding travel has resulted in an enormous positive result in the number of travel bookings being made today.

Add to the fact that the millennial population is huge and will constitute 1/4th of the workforce by 2025.

An inherent characteristic of users today is that they are tech-savvy. They have adapted and grown up in the internet age and love the convenience of booking their tour package online.

As a travel business owner having a travel app development guide to follow, along with knowing about the travel app types and important travel app features will help to plan things accordingly.

Why should you build a mobile app for your travel business?

You might be tempted to think that as you already have a website there is no need to develop a mobile app. Research suggests otherwise, take a look at the comparison between user preferences between an app and a website for booking travel activities.

blog-digital.travelport Research

In a travel agency app, you can create various travel packages, and integrate affiliate programs along with third-party beneficial services. Having a travel agency app built will help manage the agency’s travel products, various reports, and payment policies.

Additionally, you can offer your customers the highest service quality via your own travel agency app. Whether you have a well-established travel agency or are just starting out in the business, a customized mobile app for your travel business will help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Here are some of the top reasons to build a travel app for your travel agency:

Increased Revenue

A travel agency app can help you increase revenue by providing travelers with a convenient and efficient way to book and pay for travel services.


Having a travel application for an agency can offer personalized recommendations and experiences based on individual preferences and travel history.

Improved Customer Engagement

Your travel agency along with your travel app can improve customer engagement by providing personalized recommendations and 24/7 access to support.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

A travel agency application can help enhance your brand awareness by providing a unique and interactive platform for your travel agency.

Competitive Advantage

Having a travel app built can give your travel agency a competitive advantage by offering a differentiated experience that sets you apart from your competitors.

Access to Valuable Data

Building a travel app can provide you with valuable data and insights into your customers’ behavior and preferences, which can help you optimize your travel services and marketing strategies.

Increased Efficiency

After having an application built for your travel agency, it can help your agency streamline operations and reduce manual workload, saving you time and money in the long run.

Reach New Markets

Having a travel app built specifically for your travel agency business can help you expand your reach and target new markets by providing access to a wider audience of travelers.

Improved Customer Loyalty

A travel agency along with a suitable app can help improve customer loyalty by providing a seamless and personalized experience that keeps customers coming back.

Convenience and Flexibility

Developing a travel app for your agency can provide travelers with the convenience and flexibility to book travel services from anywhere, at any time.

Cost Savings

An app for your travel agency business can help you save costs by providing you with better returns on your marketing activities. You can also improve the traditional marketing and advertising methods with your travel agency app.

Social Media Integration

A travel agency app can integrate with social media platforms to provide travelers with a seamless and easy way to share their travel experiences with friends and family.

Unsure how to get started with building an application for your travel business?

Travel App Features for user panel and travel agency panel 

travel agency panel

A brief overview of the most important features for both panels, as well as the importance of working together to create a seamless travel experience for users and agencies alike can be understood.

Travel Agency Panel

The travel agency panel would likely focus on the features that improve efficiency and streamline operations, such as itinerary management, resource allocation, and analytics and reporting tools.

  • Edit packages and itineraries
  •  Send out and edit promotions and special offers
  • Manage payments
  • Edit content regarding destinations
  •  Manage hotel, flight & taxi bookings for the itinerary
  • User statistics

User Panel

The user panel would likely focus on the features that enhance the customer experience, such as booking and reservation management, personalized recommendations, and push notifications for deals and promotions.

  •  Sign up and login
  • Social sharing of photos and posts
  • Search a particular location according to date
  •  Connect with customer and sales support teams
  • Add reviews regarding the holiday

Cost of not developing the app for your Travel Agency

According to a study by Tripadvisor 42% of people are booking their trips through apps. You are losing around 4 out of 10 customers because you do not have an app. Hence you can see that the cost of not developing an app for your travel agency far outweighs the cost of developing it. Think of the travel agency app as an investment that shall pay you rich dividends if properly managed.

You need to do is hire the best travel app development company to build your travel agency app that will take your travel agency business to greater heights.

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