9 Mobile Game Development Do’s And Don’ts You Cannot Ignore

Smart phones are everywhere. Finding a person who does not own one is a hard aspect these days. With the likes of Blackberry, Android, Windows and iPhone thronging the market like crazy, this trend will hardly cease in the near future. All this frenzy has led to an increased use of mobile gaming which has eventually resulted in loads of work for developers of such games on different platforms. However, this also means that the developers need to keep themselves updated of all that is happening in this domain and upgrade their skills accordingly. It is also true that though there are many developers who have experience of working in this field, they fail to deliver the goods as per requirements.


Development of mobile games has thus become a crucial element for mobile application development companies. The growing popularity has ensured that developers who do not upgrade are out of the race. So what are the must-haves and the things to avoid as far as game development for mobiles is concerned? Let us read through 9 important do’s and don’t for mobile gaming which cannot be ignored at any point if you intend to taste success in this industry.

1. Understand limitations: You need to remember that every device has its drawbacks and limitations. Amateur developers are often seen missing this fact. Practicality is the key when you develop games for mobiles. Ignoring this fact will lead to failure.

2. Avoid repetition: Hunt for new ideas. Don’t try to take ideas from existing popular games. This is usually done by dedicated developers to avoid making the process of development complex. However, remember that such activities will actually attract dislikes from users. Hence, imagination is the key. Uniqueness is what will fetch you success.

3. Give importance to screen resolution: Now this is quite basic. Even then, some people ignore this aspect. It is extremely necessary to think about screen resolutions; especially when it comes to mobile gaming. With different handset flooding the market, developing according to standard screen resolution is crucial.

4. UI is significant for success: A good UI is sure to act as a booster for your audience. Keep this in mind while designing your game.

5. Familiarize yourself with current trends: New trends are always emerging. Customer interest is always changing. New SDK’s are launched for different platforms. Keeping yourself abreast of all these changes is important. If not, your game is sure to fail badly.

6. Don’t forget to promote: Marketing your game is the foundation for a successful game development endeavor. Projecting your game in the right manner will lead to popularizing it across different channels. So think hard and promote more harder to taste success.

7. Target audience: When we speak about promotions, blindly engaging in this can be dreadful. Target your audience and create strategies for marketing accordingly.

8. Don’t ignore sound: Bad sound quality can kill user interest. Games with good sound quality are loved by everyone. Remember that too loud and too low; both are dangerous. Just perfect is the way to go.

9. Freebies work: Launch a free version of your game initially. This is perfect to catch audience attention and can definitely act as a strong force to accentuate the popularity of your game.

So this is what we have found as far as the do’s and dont’s with relation to mobile game development are concerned. Keeping these in mind while developing games for any platform will definitely hike your chances of a successful launch for your game. Additionally, from the point of view of organizations and businesses, finding a good company or a developer is also important. Good companies understand the value of the above-mentioned pointers. They strategize accordingly and execute their plan to perfection to render a final product that is nothing but the best.

If you still need guidance, you can connect with us here to know more about the mobile game development process. We will be more than glad to help you in your development endeavor.

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