5 Questions To Review Before Jumping Into The Android Application Development Bandwagon

Mobile application development is all time high. Like mobile application, responsive websites, search optimization, social media marketing have also witnessed a humongous growth. Companies of different shapes and sizes are fusing mobile applications into their business technique. Most companies involved in mobile development to either reach to a wide range of clients with a better user experience or to grab the untapped market and the revenue.


However, before jumping into the mobile development bandwagon, there is an immense need for the companies to check out the below five perspectives:

1. Third Party Alliance or DIY Model

The main challenge while developing the application is to resolve the question whether you want to go with the Do It Yourself model or outsource it to the third party. It depends on the business objectives and whether outsourcing will be really beneficial to you. While in-house development provides more flexibility and control, the development time is normally quite high leading to an increase in the cost. The outsourcing or third party development model on the off chance provides you agile development at less cost, but the efforts have to coordinated quite brilliantly.

A most organization that outsources quality Android Application Development have a cost advantage as they do not have to focus on the core development, but accomplishing the business goals. The mantra here to decide is if you are a small company with limited resources in-house, outsource it. If you have the capabilities to do it yourself go by the DIY model.

2. Platform and Device Compatibility

More than 60 percent of Americans own cell phones and worldwide tablet proprietorship will achieve 905 million by 2017. Given these stats, it is now imperative to have mobile applications developed centering handheld devices. You should also examine and dig deep into your analytics account to keep a track on how the traffic is hitting your site. If most of your visitors are coming through small screens, it’s time for you to give it a go!

If you are able to apply filters and know the kind of devices + platforms, it will be interesting. You could develop apps specifically for Android, good iPhone and iPad clients, Blackberry or anything for that matter. Give a thoughtful approach. Apart from these identify where are your purchasers are based? Are they coming from tablets, smartphones or desktop? Combine transactional histories, traffic and then determine the compatibility.

3. Usefulness and Functionalities of App

Focusing on the key solution will help you achieve success easily. Evaluate the functionalities of the app. Chart out the usefulness and whether it will help make the payment easily, surf music seamlessly, connects with other apps and share information or enable users to talk over the Google class. Determine whether the application is to be covering the aspect of the website? Make the overall experience easy and attractive. You can also prepare confined apps for a better business process integration and management.
While checking out on the functionalities make sure that you check what your users really want. You can do a survey or track the mobile behavior through analytics.

4. Integration of the application

You must always remember how you are going to integrate the application to the current framework! Identify the requirements of the backend frameworks prior setting up the inception plan. For an example, a swift payment gateway through app needs to integrate with the existing transaction and payment gateway systems.

5. Design patterns of the application

Once you are through with the device and platform compatibility, shortlisted the functionalities, and decided on whether to outsource or now, it’s time for you to check about the design patterns of the app. It’s imperative to make a worthy Android application development with good end-client experience and stylish design patterns. With more than 30 apps being downloaded by the user every day, it is of utmost importance that your app stands out from the crowd.

For applications in today’s business sector, design patterns with greater flexibility and enhanced control are pre-requisites. When you will be selling the app, the key differentiator will be the design, typically when the functionalities match up with that of the competitors. On top of the visual clarity, there is a requirement of app’s information processing capacity, download size and ability of cross-platform integration.

If you ensure an efficient review methodology before jumping on the mobile bandwagon, you could surely conceptualize better, set achievable and smart goals and ensure the best ROI from mobile users.

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