5 Questions that Aptly Evaluate Android App Developers

A recent event inspired me to compile this list. One of our clients approached us with an incomplete Android app. He had already spent a fortune with an incompetent developer who failed to deliver what was expected. To my surprise, the app was not just incomplete but lacked even the basic appeal that would attract the Android owners. To save yourself from the similar plight, don’t hesitate to ask the following questions while selecting an how to hire android developers


Can You Provide Few References?

Apart from assessing the developers’ portfolio, always ask for clients they have previously worked for. Contact the referred people and learn about their experience with the company. If possible, have a look at the apps they got developed from the developers you wish to hire. In addition, check the company’s online credentials and reviews. All these efforts would help you decide whether you are in the right hands or not.

What’s Your Technical Know-how?

Is the company providing just one man for the entire development process? If yes, you could be moving in a wrong direction. It takes a team of experts with different technical capabilities to write an Android app. If there’s a team, ask about the technologies they would work on. A good idea would be to hire a company with the specialized team for Android development. Avoid those who have the same Jack for all the trades.

Whose Code Would It Be?

A very important but often ignored question to ask! It is obvious that you would be the owner of the developed app and it’s your right to own the source code as well. However, it is important that the same is discussed and decided at the very beginning of the process. Without signing the appropriate clauses, you might be deprived of your rights at the end. And, you would definitely not like you app’s source code being misused in the future.

How Would the Development Process Move?

And what would be your role in it? Will they provide you the regular updates and feedbacks? Will there be room to deal with the scope changes in the middle of the development? How often will they hold meetings to discuss the progress? Make sure that the company has a communication process at place and you are not sidelined. The client I talked about earlier had absolutely no idea what was being done with his app for full 3 months.

What about the Warranties and Guarantees?

What would the company do if the main developer goes on a long leave or switch to another job? Will they be quick to bring in the substitute? What if any issue arises once the app is submitted to the app store? How the company handles the maintenance? Do they offer price guarantees? Open up on each of these aspects without any hesitation.

It is in the favor of every reputed company offering android app developers to answer each of these questions satisfactorily. As an investor, take a time to compare them and pave the way for a good app.

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