5 iOS app trends that will create the most buzz in 2013

New Year is just few days away. While the celebrations are still on the high, we decided to take a glance at the year gone by for every techie’s favorite company – Apple.

Our iPhone app development consultants identified a typical consumer pattern and based on that we bring you five app trends that have the highest potential to make it big in 2013. Take a look.

#1. Travel app with Augment Reality

Point out your iPhone to the fort and it tells you the story behind it. While Augment Reality (AR) caught the fancy of people, in the coming year, a lot many app development companies are expected to lure leisure and business travelers with AR travel apps.

#2. RPG action games

Everyone likes to play games on iPad. What’s going to be different in 2013 is that people will now prefer multi-player games over single player games. Now with iPad mini on the block, the demand for edgy iPad game development is predicted to be the formula for an instant-hit game.

#3. Customized productivity apps

Companies are giving away free iPhones to its employees. Next, they will need apps that are tailored to their work procedures. Custom productivity apps are anticipated to be high on priority for iPhone app developers.

#4. Reading apps

Reading is back, but this time it’s about reading on iPhone or iPad rather than carrying bulky books. Retina display of Apple devices makes reading books a wonderful experience. In-app book purchase feature is touted to make it big in reading apps of 2013.

#5. Social media app

If you want your app to be a record breaker, place your bet in social media apps. The best part is, you can launch your app as free and earn with in-app promotion or in-app purchase.

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