15 Ways in Which Augmented Reality Boosts Innovation

Augmented Reality is the new trend adopted by the businesses today. Several app developers as well as mega IT companies like Google, Lenovo, Amazon, are focussing on the perfection of the AR technology. We see that several hundred apps are launched daily on the App Stores. The increase in competition is forcing the innovative developers to come up with a better integration of their apps/software with new and upcoming technologies. To add to this, machine learning along with ARKit and Tango can provide the perfect combination for iOS and Android enabled devices.

Augmented Reality

Among the latest technologies, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have found some impressive audience due to its immersive technology. But AR technology, as it is widely known, has been more popular due to its practical implementation for businesses across various verticals. Here we shall discuss the top 15 ways in which the augmented reality is starting to affect our daily lives;

Mobile Gaming

The best minds in the industry are focussing on developing smarter, more energy efficient, compact as well as high-performance processors. These processors help in running more graphic intensive games and software smoothly. The modern-day games come with a VR or an AR setup which make the best use of these processors. PokemonGo was one of the famous AR games that took the world by storm in 2017 and set the tone for the widespread application of the technology.

Graphic Designing

AR has practically limitless apps in graphic designing. Since you no longer need to confine your ideas to a 2-dimensional creation interface, you can easily create a holographic 3-dimensional design that is not only aesthetically appealing but also functional.

Solid Modelling

Solid modeling is a big part of product-based industries such as automobile and aerospace sector. Solidworks, AutoCAD and Catia are some of the most popular designing software used by engineers and students alike. You can efficiently design 3-dimensional models in this software, however, the navigation to a singular part for modification is pretty inconvenient. With Augmented Reality, the navigation of a 3-modelling interface gets very simple and intuitive.

Fashion Industry

Fashion is no longer limited to the design of clothes. You need to consider several fashion materials and accessories in place when working on a project in the fashion industry. The AR technology can help you look at your project in a 3-dimensional interface without the need of a model. The involvement of innovative technology has upped the ante for fashion industry taking it to a whole new level.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineers can now create an entire building and structural prototype using the AR technology. They can also perform analysis and see the real-time effect of a particular force of nature on a building material. Effective application of the technology can also be done to maximize the use of available location. The presentations for the buildings and other places for display can have some major alterations providing a more specific and detailed walk through about the construction or the structure.


Augmented Reality toys are not a thing of the future. These toys can help unleash the imaginative powers of your kids. The kids can now interact with virtual objects and play with them for hours while you are busy with your work. This will help impart a more practical learning to a kid.

Movies and Entertainment

The AR technology will help in revamping the entire movies and entertainment sector. With this technology in place, you will no longer only see movies. Rather, you will be able to feel the movies and the motion. Combining the AR technology with a good surround sound system will make you feel in sync with the location of the movie.

Driving / Sport Simulations

One of the major uses of the AR technology is to create simulation environments for training purposes. The AR will help reduce the cost as well as the risk associated with training of individuals in the aerospace as well as automotive sector. A high-level AR can also help athletes train by creating simulated environments within a closed location.

Smart Education

The education sector is already revolutionized with the invention of the smart class room. This trend seems to go only up in the near future. The smart education models will incorporate the AR technology to understand the topic of relevance better. The cost of practical exposure for the students will reduce considerably using the smart education modules incorporated with the necessary AR technology.

Dream Parks

The only boundary with augmented reality is your imagination. Now you will not be bound by any regional restrictions and carry out adventure activities even in a closed room. Some simulators can easily simulate the motion as well as thrill associated with a roller coaster ride right on your couch. Though, an advanced form of technology involving different dimensions, but it surely sets the path for that perfect ride.

Interior Designing

Several mobile apps such as the Tango interface on high-end Lenovo smartphones allows you to create realistic models of a 3-dimensional furniture in place. Interior designing using AR will help you choose the perfect couch for your living room by comparing its dimensions with the rest of the living space.

Computer and Mobile Apps

These applications have already adopted the AR technology to provide a customized experience for the users. Now you are no longer confined to a 2-dimensional screen on your smartphone/computer. You can easily view your creation in 3-dimensional space.

GPS and Navigation

The GPS and Navigation industry in the automotive sector will make the best use of the AR technology by implementing it into safety measures for road travel. With smart navigation and auto pilot technologies in place, traffic congestion will reduce thereby allowing you to use your travel time productively.

Retail shops and E-commerce

This is one industry that has seen already seen a lot of advancement and is sure to go a long way ahead. AR technology has paved the path for the store’s owners and online sellers to market their product more innovatively. Such was the initial response for the early adopters for the technology that the competitors without a second thought had no option but to accept it at the earliest.

Health and Lifestyle

The AR technology will help you stay fit by creating a simulated environment for cardio training as well as meditation. You can now transport your living room into the realm of the hanging gardens each morning to practice yoga and enjoy the peace. It also enables you an enhanced lifestyle that you can tune to suit your needs.


We have only discovered the edge of the AR technology yet. One might need an efficient augmented reality app developer to transform their ideas into reality. The amalgamation of AR technology with other innovative technology is sure to find more amazing usage. Several inventions in the future will help us reduce the boundary between the real and virtual worlds thereby increasing the comfort and efficiency of the working environments.

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